UptimeRobot giving back:
How do we help non-profits

Our mission is to support charities and other non-profits,
so they can focus on what's important and don't have to worry about their uptime.

We already support more than 50+ non-profit and charitable organizations.

Why do we help?

UptimeRobot started as a FREE monitoring service and grew thanks to our strong community. Today, we want to give back and offer sponsored monitoring to meaningful projects. All features and help from our support are available as described in our paid SOLO and TEAM plans.

Why non-profits love UptimeRobot.

logo Beveland icon

We provide our customers with a good place to live. To ensure the best service, UptimeRobot is monitoring several services for us and notifies us would an issue arise: the external websites, applications, our internet connections and datacenter services. In this way we can start diagnosing and resolving issues before they are reported by employees or customers.

logo Lait911 icon

As a provider of real-time emergency notifications, it’s imperative that our services remain responsive 24/7. UptimeRobot allows us to be alerted the second there’s an issue within our critical infrastructure allowing us to take immediate appropriate action. In an industry where every second counts, UptimeRobot allows us to keep an eye on our critical infrastructure and be alerted immediately if an issue rises.

logo Globaleaks icon

We consider in fact that monitoring services is a fundamental act of an organization that wants to safely provide a service to and user. Our non profit feels empowered by uptimerobot and can focus on support whistleblowers worldwide.

logo openalt icon

OpenAlt, a non-profit, focuses on an annual conference for open source, government, and society. With UptimeRobot, run by volunteers, we ensure no service disruptions go unnoticed. Varied alerts and monitors pinpoint issues while adjusted settings offer peace of mind for non-critical services.

logo armbian icon

We have been using UptimeRobot services for a while now, and we love them. With the upgrade, we can also monitor our services more efficiently. All around, the service that UptimeRobot is providing is the best, and we really appreciate it!

logo biggive icon

As a charity running large-scale, online, match-funding campaigns, getting immediate alerts to any issues with Salesforce and AWS availability is vitally important. Uptime Robot provides us with a service that gives us timely alerts and enough information to quickly rectify problems. The fact that it integrates with Slack is an added bonus.

logo museum of london

UptimeRobot has been indispensable in helping the museum react quickly to unexpected website outage. The platform gives us the exact moment and length of the outage, allowing us to identify causes and resolve issues before users experience any inconvenience.

logo llif icon

Uptime Robot has been a great asset for our nonprofit. We've successfully monitored both our website and software APIs. The Status page has proven to be particularly beneficial, eliminating the need for us to handle such a feature ourselves. It's seamlessly integrated into UptimeRobot, allowing our team to prioritize delivering value to our community, rather than being preoccupied with uptime and status alert management.

logo museum of london

UptimeRobot offers a superb solution with multi-port, protocol, and, of course, ping monitoring capabilities. I stay constantly updated about my services' uptime status using the UptimeRobot Telegram bot and mobile app. Additionally, the real-time status pages are highly valuable tools for identifying and diagnosing high-availability service issues.

logo llif icon

UptimeRobot has taken our business continuity to the next level. With this reliable monitoring tool, we have been able to monitor the availability of our critical online services in real time and proactively respond to issues as they arise. The easy-to-use interface and extensive configuration options have allowed us to create customized monitoring strategies and receive important notifications. Thanks to UptimeRobot, we have been able to minimize downtime, increase user satisfaction and build trust in our services. We recommend UptimeRobot to all companies looking for reliable and effective monitoring of their online infrastructure.

logo catholic culture

Trinity Communications is a small non-profit corporation which has minimal technical staff. We rely on UptimeRobot for instantaneous alerts of any downtime on our website.

logo orient

Our charity has utilized UptimeRobot for over six years. We offer live online services to cultural charities worldwide, and having immediate awareness of any issues with our sites is paramount. Throughout these past six years, UptimeRobot has consistently provided us with a highly reliable service. Our technical team and service staff have received instant alerts during this period. In short, we rely on and are extremely satisfied with UptimeRobot.

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