Better Accuracy With Multi-Continent Monitoring (& New IPs)

You’ll remember that Uptime Robot is controlling the monitors from multiple locations to double-check and make sure that they are really down or up.

Although things work close to perfect, there are 2 downsides:

  • all the monitoring nodes are located in US datacenters which makes it possible to get false/positives if the “website being monitored” is not hosted in US and there is a communication problem between country/continent-wide networks (it sometimes happens).
  • Uptime Robot’s remote monitors run on shared accounts which can not check port monitors that require full system ownership.

In order to perfect the system, we started running 2 new remote monitoring servers: in Europe (Ireland) and Asia (Singapore) that are placed in Amazon’s Cloud.

So, with the new setup, every monitor will be controlled from 3 continents (North America, Europe and Asia) before it will be marked as down (including port monitors).

These new remote monitoring locations will be activated by 1 August 2011 to make sure that you whitelist the new IPs below if needed / a firewall is used (if you didn’t whitelist any IPs until now and things work ok, there is probably no need to take any actions):


P.S. And, we’ll be using these new nodes to check and report multi-continent response-times soon :).

Happy monitoring everyone!

34 replies on “Better Accuracy With Multi-Continent Monitoring (& New IPs)”

Thank you for your great service. I’m using uptimerobot for long time and now I know I can trust you. Glad to hear you are improving your service! Thanks again – I will suggest this to my friends again.

Great work guys! Impressive!
The service is fantastic in its simplicity. Keep the good work up!
(I wonder how you guys keep this service free! That’s unbelievable!)

It’s good to know that an already excellent service is being actively developed, thank you 🙂

Love the service.

However, please enable an opt-out. No offence, but world-wide pings are a negative to me. We’re a US only service. I don’t care if we are ‘dark’ from the perspective of Ireland or Singapore. I love it as a fallback. One of the reasons I don’t use Pingdom is that I’ve heard horror stories about getting inaccurate outage readings because their node in Madagascar has connectivity issues.

Excellent work. I have been using UptimeRobot for years and feel very satisfied with your service. Keep up the great work! Thanks.

Nice improvement!
I just wondering how you survive with these wonderful features and still offering it for free. 🙂

Great service, keep up the good work guys. I use it to keep a check on all of my customers web sites and all of my online projects.

Thank you for that service!! It makes bullet proof monitoring so stupid stimple – awesome – and it’s free!

Great news and glad to hear it’s getting even better – an excellent early warning system. Btw, happy to pay for a premium version that goes beyond 50 sites if it helps keep it free for everyone else.


It is really great to hear that you like Uptime Robot and it helps.

Although we couldn’t yet create a sustainable method which Uptime Robot finances its development, we are trying hard about that, contacting many companies (or they are contacting us), etc. There are too many temporary solutions but we are looking for something permanent. Anyways, we are too focused on making Uptime Robot better and having so fun doing that. Hope so do you.


No worries about that as Uptime Robot uses remote nodes as a fallback. Every monitor is checked from the main engine in US. If they seem to be off, remote nodes are sued at that point to make sure they are really down.

I hope you guys keep this up because I am going to hard code a link to your service in some new shopping cart software I am working on 🙂
Sad day when you code something in and you find out it is no longer there… cheers… awesome work!

Do you have a list of IP addresses of the sites that do the monitoring? I have one critical server that uses IPTABLES to block all so I need to whitelist your IP range.

Thank you for a great product.

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