Small Update: Notification Messages Now Include The Amount Of Downtime

This is a very small feature and wanted to activate it before rolling the bigger update that is being working on.

When a monitor goes “down” first and “up” afterwards, Uptime Robot used to send the info: “The monitor XY ( is back up”.

Right now, it includes the amount of downtime so you won’t have to compare the date-times of the notifications for finding the value. It is now like: “The monitor XY ( is back up (it was down since 1 days, 2 hours, 07 minutes and 57 seconds)“.

Hope you like it : ).

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Totally love your service, you guys are great.

Just wondering about this post, where it reads “it was down since 1 days…”, shouldn’t it say “it was down *for* 1 day(s)…”.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but thought I’d mention it.


g’day from australia! i only just discovered this fantastic free service today – I spent most of the afternoon checking out all the others, and was dismayed at the ‘catches’ each had. i was hoping you guys had an iphone app (or even a mobile friendly site) but i am more than pleased with what you guys have done already. keep up the awesome work!


I agree that “for” and “day(s)” fit better and just updated the notifications accordingly.


We are now working on the API and will be creating a mobile version with the API. Still not sure if native or a mobile web app is the right solution, but Uptime Robot will have it for sure.


Thanks so much for the awesome words :)..

I just found out about this service today, and wanted to say thanks for this great service!

@Vaughan, @admin,
Maybe you already know, but you could connect to and use their app. Could save time building an app of your own ๐Ÿ™‚

Currently I’m using to send Twitter-mentions to my phone. So if I’m right, and I have connected my Twitter account, I should recieve notification now via Twitter/@uptimerobot -> -> Notifo ๐Ÿ˜€ Perhaps a tip for people in the meanwhile.

Great work guys. I thinks its the best free uptime monitor.

I’m still msising on feature:

Exporting mothly or jearly history to a log with we can use in exel for ISO9001NL.

I thought I would come along and express my like for this tool.
Very nice and very simple. Love the outage duration especially.

One bug bear I do have is with the email you generate in the notification. I always click the URL link to the site being tracked so I can see if it really is down. Unfortunatley, the link has been encoded wrong and always includes the last bracket. Can you please update your email script to correct this?

Otherwise, good job so far!

@Loet de hooge,

We are still working on better and advanced reports.


Port monitoring should do the job.


Checking that..

hai guys.
anyone who build this service is so kind.
i thank you for your hardwork on this. it was awesome, nice visual and i love it.
i even smile for it. i hope you guys keep up the hardwork. you are so achivers.

best regards

Please add feature on a “My monitors” page.
Feature: choose monitoring time view.
Now – it is 24 hours (1 day)
Please add variants: 1 week, 1 month
So we can Analise up/down time for a periode

great product. I suggest a forum where users can share tips & tricks & help each other out. I have an issue that perhaps somebody has addressed. I monitor keywords on a page on a website as opposed to just monitoring “HTTP”. In the past I have had situations where the site has been down but port 80 kept responding.
A couple of months ago I set up some ASp & ASPX site to monitor keywords, without any problems. They continue to respond to date. Today I am trying to add another ASPX site similarly & it just will not find the keyord on the page.
Could this be a bug ? Just though I would mention it.

Love this service, and (thankfully) I rarely get a message from it ๐Ÿ™‚

But when I do (today) the “… is back up (it was down for 08 minute(s) and 58 second(s))” message arrived in my inbox BEFORE the message “…. is currently down. Alert Details: No Response From The Website (The server that the website is hosted on can be down) Uptime Robot will inform you when it is back up.”

Is that fixable?

Hi Nigel,

The “up” message including the “08 minute(s) and 58 second(s)”shows that the downtime is logged and an e-mail is fired. However, this can be a temp issue with our mailserver (just checked the logs, seems not to be).

Did you get the “up” message afterwards? If yes, this can be a communication issue between mail servers (if the mail was not sent at the first try, it’ll be sent few minutes later)? Just brainstorming.

@Not Happy!!

We had no idea you were getting any false-positives.

Please feel free to contact us at either with details on false/positives (so we can check and fix any possible issues) or the account to be removed.


I too have started receiving these up messages before the down messages
Equally, I received numerous warnings yesterday but on checking no evidence of the server being offline could be found

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