New Features – Bulk Actions & IPv6 Support

It is possible to add many monitors to Uptime Robot and get notified of any downtime (and uptime).

However, there can be times where you may want to bulk stop them (like during a server restart) . You can do that now. With few clicks, you can stop, start or delete all monitors.

The “Bulk Actions” menu is found in the “My Monitors” page just under the “Add New” button.

IPv6 Support

More and more websites are starting to have IPv6 support and Uptime Robot can now monitor IPv6 addresses.

Either the complete IPv6 address or any compressed versions like:

  • fe80:0000:0000:0000:0202:b3ff:fe1e:8329
  • fe80:0:0:0:202:b3ff:fe1e:8329
  • fe80::202:b3ff:fe1e:8329

are all supported.

Minor New Feature: Sorting monitors.

You may have already realized but, few weeks ago, a small feature was added which is the “ability to sort monitors by name or status“.

This is specially good to view any “down” monitors at the top of your list (when you have many monitors).

That’s all : ).

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Is it possible to allow users to choose which address (A, AAAA or both) of a domain is monitored, so we don’t have to create multiple jobs?


Currently, when using a URL in the “IP monitors”, the “A” records are monitored by default.

Added your request to our to-do-list. Thanks very much.

Love the monitor, but can’t get your SMS to configure or work. No submit button after selecting my carrier. If I use the Update button on the other side nothing is saved. Am I missing something?

Are you sure ipv6 checker is working correctly? I have configured several tcp port monitors using v6 addresses and none of them seems to work – they are stuck in yellow “Seems Off” status.


IPv6 is not available for “port monitoring” but it’ll be available in v2 (to be released within few months).

On Recovery Event.

It would be nice to have a URL being pinged once the server gets back after a crash. Sometimes when server crashes unexpectedly, it corrupts database tables. Running a script which analyses and fixes the tables would be very useful.


We have this feature as beta and testing it locally.

It’ll be released with few more features soon.

Thanks for this useful tool! A nice addition would be the option of conditional alerts. Maybe the ability to set alerts to notify if a site is down for more than one ping. I had to disable alerts because I was receiving too many due to transient outages.


I think that ipv6 monitoring doesn’t working correctly. I added several ip addresses for monitoring including ipv6 addresses of google and yahoo and the monitoring send me alerts that all ipv6 hosts are down. This can not be true. Google, Yahoo and all 3 upstreams to be down at the same time?…

Above I saw that you don’t use ipv6 addresses for monitoring. Maybe this is the problem….

I’m ready to help you guys. My company can provide you host with native ipv6 support which you can use for your monitoring purposes.

Best regards!
Genko Penev


I believe that this issue is fixed with our new engine.

P.S. We are transferring all monitors to the new engine partially by simulating growth to fix any unforeseen bugs.

P.S2 We may really be interested with your support in IPv6 and I’ll definitely be in contact once we need it. Thanks so much.


Do you have a projected time when your new engine will be ready?

Over the past seven days every day at least once seeing false alarms for ipv6 that ipv6 addresses of,, yahoo, openDNS servers and all my ipv6 routers and routers if my upstream providers are down simultaneously. This can not be true.

P.S> You can contact me or my support team anytime when you want host and ipv6 for your monitoring systems.


We actually have it ready, there were few bugs on it, we fixed all and this week, we’ll be transferring all users there.

Just a thought: I cannot get the SMS to work. I can enter my phone number but nothing happens after that. I see others have the same issue. I thought I would mention that Outlook can be set to send a text message upon receipt of an email from uptime robot thereby allowing people to use this feature anyway if they are having problems with it

I did both as I need to be certain to get these alerts. I get your emails on my phone already. This is a fantastic service.

Thanks! It has saved me a couple of times already

Would it be possible to enter windows for site monitoring by hour of day? We have servers that require automated downtimes and do not want UpTimeRobot to send out downtime messages during those times for particular clients being monitored.

Other than that, we love your service and thank you for hosting it. It helps us tremendously!

I really, really, really appreciate this service
and would be willing to pay for it…

that said, I really prefer the previous
version of UPR…

I can’t find my way around this one..

I can’t figure out where to go to add
more urls?

Without this service, I’d never have
known that one of my hosts has really
crappy uptime 🙂

thank you so very much for this
valuable service


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