Small Update (Many Bug Fixes, Optimizations..)

New posts are usually added once a new feature is added and Its been a while since a new feature is introduced.

For the last few months, we were heavily optimizing the engine, notifications, API usage and fixing small bugs to handle the growth.

Things were already working good but we want to make sure they stay stable and we have improved many stuff in the backend.

Also, lately, we are busy working on few other exciting things: widgets to display uptime in websites and reports. And, they will soon be available.

As the title says, just a small update on the "progress" of Uptime Robot.

2 replies on “Small Update (Many Bug Fixes, Optimizations..)”

I think that the overal uptime can count with a year vision too, like the average for year. This you help to collect the basic information to monitor the availability like year progress.

The optimizations included for last 30 days are great too and this help me to calculate the indicator, but a year average information will be a great diference with the other monitor on market.

I am getting alerts that my site is UP but don’t always get the alert when it goes DOWN prior to it coming back up….what seems to be the problem?

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