POST Support For Web-Hook Alert Contacts – Now Available

For any user willing to customize the notifications or integrate them into their own apps (or 3rd party apps), web-hook alert contacts is one of the best options.

Yet, it was only supporting GET requests and POST support was frequently requested. And, here it comes.

It is now possible to receive the web-hook requests as POST and it supports both:

  • standard POST (application/x-www-form-urlencoded)
  • or JSON (application/json)

For both options, the parameters to be posted need to be defined in JSON and the custom variables provided (like *monitorURL*, *monitorFriendlyName*, etc.) can all be used as POST values.


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Just wanted to say thanks for this. It works well.

Is there any reason i can’t edit the post value once I have created the contact?

Cheers, Jon

Sorry but there is no way to receive only up or only down notifications. The system sends both.

Yet, if you use web-hooks, you can choose to filter them on your side.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I write you regarding an adjustment of your site – I see that the date of the monitoring is not right. It is written 21, and the date of the server error was yesterday, 22.07.2015.
Could you advise me if there is a setting of the date in the account?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

It may be due to the timezone (which is UTC by default). The timezone can be set in the My Settings page.

We started using your service yesterday, and are considering upgrading to the paid version, so we can add more than 50 sites to be monitored.
However, one thing concerns me…
One of sites was down for over 13 hours, yet we did not receive any email notification, of it going down, or coming back (see screenshot link below)
It seems we have emails correctly entered into our account settings.
Can you explain why this happened?
Thank you.
Chris Stephens

It is needed to attach the alert contacts of your choice to each monitor from the “edit monitor dialogs” for each monitor. After that, the notifications should reach as expected.

Alternatively, “bulk actions (can be found just under the -Add Monitor button-)” can be used to perform this change to all monitors at once.

Good evening, we request that we can tell if there is some way the graph which shows the availability of the pages, can show specific times, that can be customized to display availability for hours and specific days. Likewise we need to know the period of time that can store information on the availability of pages, days, months and / or years.
Thanks for the info and were awaiting their response.

That is a feature available in the Pro Plan (the period for the data to be displayed can be customized.. only in days and not in hours though).

I see the JSON post is working now, however, the variables do not insert values into the JSON, rather, they appear as the string literals *monitorFriendlyName etc. which means that’s what I get in the chat client making the notification marginally useful at best (i.e. don’t know if it’s up or down without checking elsewhere)

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