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Currently, we keep an eye on 7,570,000 monitors for more than 2,100,000 users and companies.
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Effortless uptime monitoring.

Simply configure your monitors and alerts, sit back. We'll notify you if any incidents need your attention.

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Constant monitoring checks.

Uptime monitoring helps you keep an eye on potential post-update errors and avoid downtime with nonstop 30-second monitoring.

Enhanced user experience.

Catch issues immediately to avoid losing users to downtime or degraded performance.

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Keep everyone notified.

Get live alerts via up to 16 notification options, allowing yourself and your team to jump on any issue when needed.


Email is the most popular way for any notification. Get alerted!


Get alerted instantly by SMS, useful when you are offline!

Voice call

Get an automated voice call from us whenever your website is down.

Mobile app push

Download our free iOS / Android app to get notifications to your phone instantly!


Slack messages are a great way to inform the entire team of a downtime.


For advanced alerting you can setup custom webhooks to your specific system.


Get important monitor status updates in your Discord messages.


Send up & down events and auto-resolve your incidents in PagerDuty.


Get instant alerts via mobile push notifications in Pushbullet Android app.

Benefits of hassle-free monitoring.

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Receive immediate notifications

Get live alerts through your favorite personal and social channels – choose from up to 11 options including our mobile app. Avoid the negative impact on the availability of your website and act on incidents when they arise.

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Monitor response time and timeout

Set up notifications for when your website is not responding for up to one minute, or when the response time is longer than usual. Detailed response time graphs will help you identify trends and stay ahead of issues.

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Domain & SSL certificate monitoring

Don’t let your domain slip thanks to automated expiry notifications 14, 7, 3, and 1 day in advance. The same applies to SSL expiry and certificate errors. Make sure your website is protected all the time.

More reasons to consider UptimeRobot.

IncludedFREE 50 monitors

Take advantage of the lifetime free plan and monitor up to 50 websites.

IncludedHTTP status code

Decide which HTTP codes are considered as uptime or downtime.

IncludedAdd custom headers

Customize your monitoring settings and tailor your requests.


Get details and manage your monitors and alert contacts.

IncludedDetailed status page

Share details and uptime with your users or team.

IncludedMulti-location checks

We send multiple requests to avoid false positives.

Spot incidents faster and eliminate any danger before it's too late.

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Why developers love UptimeRobot.

Maciej J., .NET Developer
5 stars rating

Effortless monitoring

UptimeRobot has been instrumental in monitoring and maintaining the SLA of my services and websites. Its easy configuration has helped me quickly detect and address availability issues. The mobile app is a standout feature, providing concise summaries and instant push notifications, enabling me to stay on top of any problems, no matter where I am. In summary, UptimeRobot is an essential tool for ensuring optimal online performance.

Reviewed on
Brian C., Development Team Lead
5 stars rating

Simple, reliable, and saved my bacon at least once!

I've been using Uptime Robot for several years to monitor a side project of mine, and it's always been great at that. At first, I was on the free tier, but I was happy to start paying for usage once it was appropriate. It impressed me a few weeks ago when it caught an SSL certification expiration before it happened. My hosting provider had a defect this year that prevented the cert from auto-renewing like normal. Without UptimeRobot, this would have caused an outage impacting 50,000 users. They didn't have to create this feature, but they did.

Reviewed on
Ali K., Full Stack Web, Python & Django Developer
5 stars rating

Best server status monitoring service

UptimeRobot is among the services that have conquered my heart. It's great that the free version also provides a lot of possibilities, that it can track the server status very successfully and detect the slightest changes.

Reviewed on
Chen C., Web Developer
5 stars rating

A must service for every web developer

It's super easy to use, very useful, a priceless service for monitoring your websites! It's pretty great and easy to use.

Reviewed on
Thomas S., HubSpot Web Developer
5 stars rating

Great product, reasonably priced

It is nice to know that my sites are up and you can't be the pricing. I run several sites for clients and it is a good feeling to know that their sites are up.

Reviewed on
Nelson P., Developer
5 stars rating

UptimeRobot is 100% effective and great partner!

It is easy to create a monitor, besides UptimeRobot has all the types of monitors someone needs to assure that our service/site is up. Allows integration tests.

Reviewed on

Frequently asked questions.

  • Can I invite a colleague to my UptimeRobot account?

    Yes! UptimeRobot allows you to invite anyone with write-only access, admin access, or notify-only access.

  • Does UptimeRobot include customizable status page?

    Yes, you can create public or internal custom status pages and showcase your uptime to keep your users informed or improve cooperation with your team.

  • How does UptimeRobot's monitoring and alerting work?

    In the FREE plan, UptimeRobot sends regular monitoring requests to your server or website every 5 minutes, and every 60 or 30 seconds in the paid plans.

    If we don't receive a reply, indicating a possible issue, we double-check from two separate locations to avoid false alarms. Once an issue is confirmed, we notify you immediately through up to 16 integration options, including email, SMS, call, mobile push notifications, or popular DevOps integrations like PagerDuty.

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