Get notified 5x faster (1-min checks + SSL monitoring) with the PRO plan

Pro grow with

  • 1 minute monitoring intervals
    (5x faster downtime detection)
  • SMS (or voice calls) *
  • 24 months of logs
  • SSL monitoring
    (detects SSL errors and reminds expiry dates)
  • Advanced notifications
    (alert once or every "x" minutes if down for "y" minutes)
  • HTTP type customization
    (HEAD, GET, POST...)
  • Maintenance windows
    (auto-disable monitoring for pre-defined periods)
  • Heartbeat monitoring
    (monitor intranet servers/computers and cron jobs)
  • Custom HTTP Headers and Statuses
    (use custom HTTP headers and change which HTTP statuses are considered as down)
$ 7
per month billed annually or $8 month-to-month Upgrade to Pro Plan

Free start with

  • 5 minutes monitoring intervals
  • 50 monitors
  • No SMS (or voice calls) *
  • 2 months of logs
$ 0
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* SMS and voice calls are added to the account only once (they don't renew) and more messages/calls can be purchased anytime.

Common Pricing Questions

I need a much bigger plan.

Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to help.

What happens when no SMS (or voice calls) are left?

They can be purchased anytime from the "My Settings" page once logged-in and they are priced:

  • $15 for 100 SMS (or voice calls)
  • $25 for 200 SMS (or voice calls)
  • $55 for 500 SMS (or voice calls)
  • $100 for 1000 SMS (or voice calls)

And, a notification is sent when few messages/calls are left.

Is upgrading prorated?

Yes, upgrading the account in between subscription periods is prorated.
(no loss of payments will occur)

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, the Pro Plan subscription can be canceled anytime and instantly from the "My Settings" page once logged-in.