February 2023: Notifications-only sub-users and 30 seconds monitor interval

As we have previously announced: Notifications-only sub-users are here!

After receiving your feedback, we realized that full-featured sub-users may not be the ideal option for everyone.

This new feature is ideal for our UptimeRobot users who want to get alerted teammates or clients but don’t want to share access to account or monitors.

You can manage your team mates and their access on the Team page. Here you can add / edit / remove seats with write, read, or notify-only access.

Notify-only users features

✔️ can receive their own notifications about incidents through email, SMS, or voice call (team owner SMS credits applied)

❌ can’t log in – don’t have access to the dashboard or any other information

Plans and packages

Unlike full-featured (login-enabled) sub-users, which are only accessible in the new Team and Enterprise plans, notification-only sub-users are also available in all the Solo plans.

You can get 3 notify-only-seats for free, included in Team plan, and 5 notify-only seats in Enterprise plan. See our Plans & pricing for details.

The price for additional notify-only seats ranges from $2 to $4 per seat per month and you can buy them here.

What’s next? 30-seconds monitoring interval!

The most advanced customers would be happy to hear that in the following days we will launch the 30 seconds monitoring interval!

That means you will be able to spot the incident 30 seconds faster than with 1-minute interval and you will be able to spot even shorter incidents!

We hope you are happy with the updates. Let us know in the comment section!

Written by Frantisek - Product owner

UI/UX, ex-Product owner | LinkedIn

Frantisek Vrab is a UI/UX designer He has also served his time as the Product Owner at UptimeRobot, during which he lead the development and design of our new status pages and mobile app. Currently he works and leads the development and design of our new web app. Frantisek focuses on usability and design of all products at UptimeRobot and the whole itrinity, s.r.o. portfolio (Mangools, WarmUpInbox, EmailListVerify).

Frantisek has valuable creative and technical skills. He has been instrumental in creating a fresh brand identity for UptimeRobot through his innovative design and thoughtful usability strategies. Guided by a philosophy of continuous improvement, Frantisek consistently strives to enhance every project he undertakes.

Aside from his professional endeavours, Frantisek is a passionate advocate for ecology and has a deep love for nature. He enjoys biking and sustainable living. His well-rounded personality combined with his professional skills make him an invaluable asset to UptimeRobot team.

5 replies on “February 2023: Notifications-only sub-users and 30 seconds monitor interval”

I’d like to know exactly how much the Notify Only user seats will cost, but your link in that section goes to a test website. This could tun out to be a quite expensive notification system for small companies.

Hi Peter, kindly log in to your paid account to access the pricing. If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us through our support channel.

i will like to see a option to add a smtp mail server of my own as a altnitive to pay for your email server as 4$ is expansive

Thank you for your feedback, Thomas! I shared it with our team, if you like you can suggest it to our community on or our Discord server.

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