How to fix UptimeRobot notifications problem on Huawei, Honor or another Android phone.

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Users with Android, especially Huawei and Honor phones may face the problem when they are not receiving notifications (on time). It’s a common problem of these phones because of their Battery optimization settings.

Follow these steps to fix this problem.

Newer Huawei / Honor devices

Make sure that battery optimization for the UptimeRobot app is disabled.

  1. Search for "Battery optimization" in Settings.
  2. Search for UptimeRobot app.
  3. Switch to “Don't allow”.
  4. Restart your phone to make sure the changes will take effect.

If the previous is not working for you, you can try to set the UptimeRobot "App launch" setting to "Manage manually" and enable all the options presented. After the change, restart the device again.

Older Huawei / Honor devices

Older Huawei / Honor devices have a Battery manager with “Protected apps”. If disabling Battery optimization is still not working for you, add UptimeRobot as a “Protected app”. This will ensure that UptimeRobot app will not close after the screen turn off.

  1. Head over to the Battery manager.
  2. Find UptimeRobot app.
  3. Add the app to “Protected apps”.
  4. Restart the phone.

Android devices

If you are facing this issue on any other Android device "Battery optimization", "Optimize battery usage" or similar functions.

The process is similar to the disabling optimization on Huawei, however the naming convention may be sligthly different across various devices and various version of Android.

Test notifications

You can test your notifications by simply creating an HTTPS monitor, for example with URL, and changing it after a minute to a wrong URL, like You’ll receive a down notification soon.

Still doesn’t work?

There might be couple of other reasons, why you don't receive notifications properly.

  1. Check the Do Not Disturb mode under Settings > Sound or Notifications, or search for it from the top bar. You can also override the DND mode in the app notification settings.
  2. Check if Background Data is Enabled under Settings > App > UptimeRobot > Data Usage > Background Data.
  3. Check if Data saver is turned off under Settings > Network & internet > Data Usage > Data Saver.
  4. Check if the app is allowed to run in the background under Settings > Apps > UptimeRobot > Battery > Background Restriction.
  5. Please, make sure you’re running the latest update of the UptimeRobot app.
  6. Check the alert settings in the UptimeRobot app. Choose a monitor and click on the three dots in the upper-right corner > Manage alert contacts and find your device name as a Push contact. Make sure it is enabled (the toggle is green).

Please note these settings might be different according to the Android version or device manufacturer.

Let us know if you need any further assistance and we’ll be happy to help.