Uptime monitoring for business owners.

Ensure smooth operations and avoid potential loss from website downtime and other incidents.

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Currently, we keep an eye on 7,570,000 monitors for more than 2,100,000 users and companies.
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Implement and use in a few clicks.

UptimeRobot is a powerful yet simple cloud-based uptime monitoring solution that doesn’t require technical knowledge.

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Maintain reliable operations.

Ensure your websites and systems perform at their best and protect your company’s reputation.

Save costs and boost efficiency.

Ensure your services are always up and let your team focus on what’s important while reacting to incidents immediately.

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Empower incident response.

Ensure the right people get instant notifications through up to 16 options, enabling them to start working on a solution quickly.


Email is the most popular way for any notification. Get alerted!


Get alerted instantly by SMS, useful when you are offline!

Voice call

Get an automated voice call from us whenever your website is down.

Mobile app push

Download our free iOS / Android app to get notifications to your phone instantly!

Microsoft Teams

Get notifications inside your MS Teams app to alert everyone in the group.


Slack messages are a great way to inform the entire team of a downtime.

Google Chat

Get notifications into the Google Chat. Just copy the room URL to UptimeRobot.


Send up & down events and auto-resolve your incidents in PagerDuty.


Get instant alerts via mobile push notifications in Pushbullet Android app.

Benefits of effective uptime monitoring.

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Improved customer experience

Uptime monitoring enables you to provide a seamless user experience, which can enhance relationships and loyalty among your customers. Ensure they don’t encounter degraded performance to minimize customer churn.

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Get valuable insights and reports

Stay informed and up-to-date with our monthly reports delivered via email. These summaries provide a detailed overview of your overall uptime, number of incidents, total downtime, the longest incident, and uptime of all your monitors.

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Build trust with status pages

Custom status pages can serve as a demonstration of your SLA. Promote transparency and reduce the workload of your customer support team so they’re more efficient. Keep your users informed via announcements and email updates.

Improve your operations with uptime monitoring.

IncludedLifetime FREE plan

Receive 50 monitors for life, free of charge - simply by registering with your email.

IncludedNo tech skills required

Setting up your first monitor is simple and can be done without any installation.

IncludedResponsive live chat

Our quick-response customer support team is ready to assist you via email or chat.

Set up reliable monitoring easily and protect your online presence.

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Why business owners use UptimeRobot.

Well B., CEO & President
5 stars rating

Great tool to monitor status of your website

I cannot say anything negative about UptimeRobot. It let's us know when clients cannot access their accounts and provides real-time update on site status.

Reviewed on
Costas V., Technical Manager & Supervisor
5 stars rating

Great even with the free plan!

Really easy to use, add monitors of different kinds and monitor your services. Beats the competition in response time even with the free plan.

Reviewed on
Marko L., Operations Manager
5 stars rating

Great service

Great service that allows you to monitor the downtimes of the website in multiple ways. Integrations with different software allow for an easy notification stream. Support is always there when you need it, friendly and helpful!

Reviewed on
Eyal C., CEO
5 stars rating

Must have tool!

Easy to use, simple, monitoring our sites as we need. Good alerts as well.

Reviewed on
Drew M., CEO
5 stars rating

Great product, great support!

It just worked. Intuitive interface. Support answered my question first time around. There wasn't anything not to like. Good job!

Reviewed on
Bret W., Managing Director
5 stars rating

Reliable, expandable and extremely well priced

I always know within seconds of a server, desktop or web service outage by email and push notification to Android. Excellent price, the easiest service I have ever had to setup and a good API available for integration with my own software and websites.

Reviewed on

Frequently asked questions.

  • Can I delegate different access levels to my team members?

    UptimeRobot allows you to assign different access permissions to your employees based on their roles and responsibilities. You can grant them access to manage monitors, which includes adding, removing, or editing them. You can also add team members to receive alerts only, keeping them informed without granting full access.

  • Do you offer tailored solutions for larger enterprises?

    Yes, we do. If your organization has extensive monitoring needs for more than 1,000 monitors, we offer tailored solutions that include improved services such as 30-second monitoring intervals. Please get in touch with us to discuss a solution that best fits your requirements.

  • How does uptime monitoring support strategic decision-making?

    Uptime monitoring provides valuable data about your system's performance and availability. This data can be used to spot potential issues and evaluate the effectiveness of your current processes. By making data-driven decisions, you can optimize your resources, improve your services, and drive your business's growth.

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