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Communicate incidents and planned maintenance via status pages to ease the load on your agents.

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Currently, we keep an eye on 7,570,000 monitors for more than 2,100,000 users and companies.
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Improve support response time.

Enhance efficiency by displaying real-time updates on your status page, reducing ticket volume for quicker issue resolution.

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Keep positive customer reviews.

Informing your customers with live updates on your customizable status page will help you keep your review score high.

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Keep your followers happy.

Keeping your customers informed and up to date via status pages can help you avoid complaints on social media.

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Send alerts to everyone.

Get notified immediately when there's something wrong before it affects your users. You can use up to 16 notification channels for it.


Email is the most popular way for any notification. Get alerted!


Get alerted instantly by SMS, useful when you are offline!

Voice call

Get an automated voice call from us whenever your website is down.

Mobile app push

Download our free iOS / Android app to get notifications to your phone instantly!


Slack messages are a great way to inform the entire team of a downtime.


For advanced alerting you can setup custom webhooks to your specific system.


Get important monitor status updates in your Discord messages.


Send up & down events and auto-resolve your incidents in PagerDuty.


Get instant alerts via mobile push notifications in Pushbullet Android app.

How can status page benefit support?

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Enhanced customer satisfaction

Transparent communication and quick resolutions of technical issues increase customer trust and satisfaction, leading to improved loyalty and positive recommendations.

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Inform users in advance

Share announcements about upcoming maintenance or during incidents on your public status page. Let your users subscribe to receive updates directly to their email.

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Advanced team collaboration

Improve the communication between devs and the customer support team using integrations with popular team messaging services like Slack, MS Teams, or push notifications.

Explore more status page features.

IncludedChange the look

Adjust the layout and density of your status page or use a dark theme.

IncludedAdd your logo

Add your logo with a link to your homepage or any other website.

IncludedModify the colors

Use custom colors for the header background, text, and all links.

IncludedCustom domain

Create a CNAME DNS record to use your domain name.

IncludedSet password

Make your status page private for internal use with a password.

IncludedAdjust details

Choose which data you want to showcase on your status page.

Collaborate with your team, solve incidents faster and improve your customer support processes.

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What users love about UptimeRobot.

Lee E., Director of Information Technology
5 stars rating

Simple and affordable monitoring

It’s Affordable, simple to use, and has decent notification options. I like the public status page. There is a decent selection of monitor types and settings to help cut down on false positives. Solid little mobile app.

Dean C., Senior Software Engineer
5 stars rating

Great experience so far

Return on investment is great. We can setup our own status pages with both public and internal ones being able to show us different details.

Roberto B., Executive Vice President
5 stars rating

Simple and precious

The public status page is the best I have found for this price, you can set a custom logo and custom domain and it is HTTPS. Other services claim to have powerful status pages but they are cumbersome or expensive.

Frequently asked questions.

  • How does uptime monitoring by UptimeRobot work?

    We monitor your website (or other endpoints like IP addresses, keywords, ports, SSL certificate expiry and errors, domain expiration, and cron jobs) by sending regular requests 24/7.

    If we can't reach it, indicating a potential issue, we'll confirm from other locations to avoid false positives.

    Then we notify you and your team through various channels including email, SMS, calls, Email2SMS, mobile push notifications, Slack, Discord, Google Chat, Telegram, PagerDuty, Zapier, Splunk On-Call, MS Teams, Pushover, Pushbullet, or webhooks.

  • How can users subscribe to live updates from the status page?

    First, ensure this feature is enabled in your Status page settings when logged into your account.

    In the upper right corner of your status page, a green button with a bell icon appears. From there, it's just a smooth process – click on it, enter your email address, and confirm the subscription. That's it!

  • Can I get uptime monthly reports to my email?

    Sure, you can simply enable the uptime monthly reports in your account settings. You’ll receive the complete e-mail report directly to your account address, including the number of incidents, overall uptime, total downtime, longest incident, and overview of your monitor's status.

  • Can I use status pages and UptimeRobot for improved collaboration?

    Status pages are an excellent tool for sharing immediate updates with your team, thereby speeding up internal communication. You can make your status page private by protecting it with a password.

    Additionally, you can set up alerts through up to 16 different notification channels. This ensures that your colleagues are instantly aware of any issues, allowing you to concentrate on assisting users.

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