Monitor any specific port on your server.

Make sure any service on your server is still available with the Port monitoring.

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Monitor any port on your server.

Make sure databases and other services running on different ports on your server are always available. We support any port, including HTTPS, FTP, SSH, ...

selector for port types

Make sure your email service runs smoothly.

Set up a POP3, IMAP and SMTP port monitoring and know about any issues with your essential email services.

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Port monitoring for your DNS server.

With port monitor watching your DNS port you always know whether essential DNS connection is okay.

selector for port types

Choose your preferred type of notifications.

Get instant alerts via email, SMS, voice call or through one of many integrations (such as Slack, Zapier, Splunk, etc.)


E-mail is a basic form of outages notifications. Get alerted!


Get alerted instantly by SMS, even when you are offline!

Voice call

Get an automatic voice call alert whenever your website is down.


Slack messages are a great way to inform the entire team of a downtime.


Get important monitor status updates in your Discord messages.

Advanced features for advanced users.

IncludedRecurring notifications

Set threshold and recurrence parameters so that you don't miss any serious outage.

IncludedMaintenance windows

Set up maintenance windows to pause the monitoring during the maintenance.

IncludedIncidents with root causes

Reduce the risk of incident recurrence by analyzing the issue closely.

IncludedResponse times

See your response times in a chart and reveal performance hiccups.

IncludedMulti-location checks

We verify incidents from various geo-locations to prevent false-positives.

IncludedSMS and voice call notifications

No internet? We can call or text you when something goes wrong.

Easy setup: 4 clicks to create a port monitoring.

1. Create port monitoring

Choose the Cron job monitoring type and enter the URL, IP, or host to monitor.

2. Adjust the settings

You can set the monitoring intervals and timeout period or add a custom tag to group monitors.

3. Get notifications

By default, we will notify you via e-mail once monitor is down. Additionaly, you can setup any of 15 notification options incluing SMS or Slack.

Be the first who knows that your website is down. Reliable monitoring warns you before any significant troubles and saves you money.

Start monitoring in 30 seconds

Status page screenshot

Inform your customers about incidents with status pages.

Be transparent. Inform customers of planned outages. Show them that you strive to keep your service 100% online.

Subusers management illustration

Add your team members to keep them notified.

You can invite all your team members to access your monitors, keep them notified and manage incidents. Choose from three levels of user access: read, write and notify-only.

What users love about our port monitoring.

Oleg G., Head of SEO
5 stars rating

Brilliant uptime monitor service

I tried a lot of services for monitoring the uptime of websites and servers and Uptimerobot is most optimal. A lot of configurations and settings.

Alaister L., System Administrator
5 stars rating

Reliable and free Port monitoring service

I have been using it to monitor my websites and servers. It helps reduce the downtime by notifying me about emergency issues on my system. I can create up to 50 website/port monitors for free and a decent public status page.

Naveen K., Director of Information Technology
5 stars rating

Very good for monitoring WAN

I get immediate updates when the server goes down. UptimeRobot helps us take action on the affected service as soon as the status changes.

Get inspired by the uses cases.

IncludedImproved network security by keeping an eye on open ports

IncludedTracking status and performance of network devices

IncludedEnhanced troubleshooting and reduced incident response time

We strive for minimal downtime, but if something goes wrong UptimeRobot makes sure that we know about it quickly.

We switched to using UptimeRobot years ago as they offered the same services we were getting from a different provider but at a fraction of the cost.


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