The all-in-one alternative to OhDear.

UptimeRobot is an advanced alternative to OhDear, including native SMS alerts, a modern mobile app and up to 16 alert notification channels.

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Currently, we keep an eye on 7,570,000 monitors for more than 2,100,000 users and companies.
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What makes UptimeRobot stand out against OhDear?

Get the best cost-effective ratio and more monitors with the same features. UptimeRobot offers the best value for your bucks.

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Handy mobile app

UptimeRobot offers advanced mobile applications for iOS and Android. Create, manage, and remove monitors, edit alert contacts, and update your plan through a user-friendly interface.

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Superior FREE plan

Only UptimeRobot offers a lifetime 50-monitor plan for free, including different monitoring types – URL, port, IP, and keyword monitors. Start monitoring using just your email address.

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Cheaper paid plans

Save up to 80%! For example, pay $15 / month for 50 monitors with all the features instead of $80 / month as advertised by OhDear. Get the best solution for much better prices.

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UptimeRobot vs. OhDear: Quick comparison.

UptimeRobot logo
Free plan
Not included / available10-day trial
IncludedFree, 50 monitors
Price for 50 monitors
Not included / available$80 / month
Included$15 / month 
- up to 80% lower price!
Price for 100 monitors
Not included / available$140 / month
Included$29 / month
Price for 200 monitors
Not included / available$220 / month
Included$54 / month
Voice call alerts
Not included / availableNot available
Included / availableIncluded
SMS alerts
Not included / availableNot available
Included / availableIncluded
Mobile app (iOS / Android)
Not included / availableNo mobile app
IncludedFor free

Compared to OhDear, UptimeRobot is an affordable alternative with 50 free monitors for life. Get advanced monitoring with modern apps and a strong community.

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Integrations: OhDear vs. UptimeRobot.

With OhDear you must register with a 3rd party provider to receive SMS notifications.
UptimeRobot has 5 personal notification channels including E-mail, SMS, Voice calls, Email to SMS, Mobile app push, and up to 16 integrations compared to 10 offered by OhDear, including Google Chat, Zapier, Pushbullet, and Splunk On-Call.


Slack messages are a great way to inform the entire team of a downtime.


Integrate your Zapier account to get alerted right away.


Send up & down events and auto-resolve your incidents in PagerDuty.
Integration guide

Splunk On-Call

Just set up a Splunk URL to notify and you are good to go!


Telegram messages are a great way how to stay alerted.


For advanced alerting you can setup webhooks to your own system or app.


Get important monitor status updates in your Discord messages.


Get instant alerts via mobile push notifications in Pushbullet Android app.

Microsoft Teams

Get notifications inside your MS Teams app to alert everyone in the group.

Google Chat

Get notifications into the Google Chat. Just copy the room URL to UptimeRobot.


Get instant alerts via mobile push notifications in Pushover app.


Get alerted instantly by SMS, even when you are offline!
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What makes UptimeRobot special.

Status page screenshot

More customizable status pages.

While both allow you to change the colors and logo of your status page, with UptimeRobot you can choose the layout, theme, density, and specific details like font, showing or hiding URLs, uptime percentage, incident details, Google Analytics, and more.

Status page screenshot

Simple & powerful
mobile app.

OhDear does not offer mobile applications for iOS and Android. In contrast, UptimeRobot has created modern, well-crafted, fully functional apps. Handle notifications, edit monitors, manage your plan, and use critical alerts never to miss downtime.

... and that's not all!

IncludedMulti-location checks

UptimeRobot performs checks from multiple global locations to prevent false alerts.

IncludedSubscribe to updates via email

Let your users subscribe to status page updates and let users receive email notifications about current incidents.

IncludedRecurring notifications

Set threshold and recurrence parameters to avoid missing critical outages.

IncludedSMS and voice call notifications

No internet? We can alert you via call or text for any issues. Add multiple numbers if needed.

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Why people love UptimeRobot.

Beat S., Marketing Consultant
5 stars rating

Using for over 7 years

The features of the Uptime Robot App & Dashboard are excellent. Since we have begun working with them for several years now, there have been no problems. Everything is simple to set up and utilize, which is great for our business's digital marketing efforts and the numerous clients we serve.

The personnel is courteous and really helpful, and the customer service is excellent as well. Absolutely no complaints! Great Application.

Mikhail R., DevOps Engineer
5 stars rating

Great app for outside monitoring

We've been using it for more than half a year now and not long ago have bought a paid subscription. Great app design, a lot of monitoring customization features, huge amount of alerting pipelines ranging from email and push notifications to pagerduty and even telegram. And on top of that a wonderful support service, who helped find a couple of solutions for a problem just within 24h. Definitely would recommend.

Thomas S., Web Developer/Senior Web Analyst
5 stars rating

Great product reasonably priced.

It is nice to know that my sites are up and you can't be the pricing. I run several sites for clients and it is a good feeling to know that their sites are up.

Phil C., Web Designert
5 stars rating

Intuitive UI with excellent free 50 monitors offering.

Generous 50 free monitors set at 5 min intervals.

Drew M., CEO
5 stars rating

Great product; great support!

Generous 50 free monitors set at 5 min intervals.

Verified User in Computer Software
5 stars rating

Simple, FREE, and reliable monitoring service

- This service is very simple while providing lots of features
- Free tier offers a lot of great features
- Reliable service
- Paid tier for more advanced features

Dean C., Senior Software Engineer
5 stars rating

Great experience so far

Return on investment is great. We can setup our own status pages with both public and internal ones being able to show us different details.

Nelson P., Developer
5 stars rating

UptimeRobot is 100% effective and very user friendly! Great partner

It is easy to create a monitor, besides UptimeRobot has all the types of monitors someone needs to assure that our service/site is up. Allows integration tests.

Verified User in Computer & Network Security
5 stars rating

Excellent service and customer attention!

We love the simplicity and flexibility of the service. With the dashboards we now keep an eye on all our systems to guarantee a good uptime.

Get 10x
more monitors
with UptimeRobot.

In comparison to OhDear, UptimeRobot provides a greater number of monitors at a better cost-effective rate. For instance, you’ll get 50 monitors for $15 / month instead of 5 OhDear monitors for the same price.

See detailed pricing

Number of monitors
UptimeRobot logo
200 monitors
$220 / mo.
$54 / mo.
100 monitors
$140 / mo.
$29 / mo.
50 monitors
$80 / mo.
$15 / mo.
10 monitors
$25 / mo.
$$7 / mo.

Prices are displayed per month, assuming one-time annual payment. VAT Excluded.

OhDear: Frequently asked questions.

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