How ConfigCat Optimized Their Monitoring
with UptimeRobot.

ConfigCat offers feature flags and configuration management that enables users to decouple feature releases from code deployments. See hoe they improved their user experience and trust with UptimeRobot, ensuring swift service incident response.

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About ConfigCat.

ConfigCat provides a toolset to manage application behavior in real time without code redeployments. Their platform supports multiple programming languages and ensures seamless feature configurations across development, testing, and production stages.

Cross-platform feature flag service

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Challenges that ConfigCat faced.

Smooth operations are pivotal for service providers like ConfigCat, who faced two main challenges: streamlining incident management and implementing a reliable solution to monitor their homepage, blog, API, and CDN.

Core benefits of the cooperation.

As the seamless user experience is one of the main values of ConfigCat, they sought to ensure the availability of their service using UptimeRobot's comprehensive uptime monitoring capabilities.

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Immediate response to disruptions

Even a minor disruption can cascade into major user experience issues. Immediate alerts enable ConfigCat to swiftly address and manage such disruptions.

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Improved customer trust

Downtimes, especially extended ones, can erode user trust. Being proactive means potential disruptions are managed before they significantly impact the users.

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Enhanced system security

UptimeRobot's alert system proved crucial during a CDN outage from an accidental DDoS attack, allowing ConfigCat to quickly reroute traffic and maintain service.

At ConfigCat we were able to significanlty enhance the user experience and trust using UptimeRobot, an essential component of our monitoring system.

UptimeRobot ensures that we can take action on service disruptions as soon as they occur. This swift approach minimizes downtime, delivering a smooth experience for our users.

Gergely Sinka, Founder & CPO at ConfigCat

What features convinced ConfigCat to pick UptimeRobot?

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Slack live alerts

The native integration with Slack empowered ConfigCat's team to foster efficient communication and incident response. Slack ensures that the right people get them.

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User-friendly setup

UptimeRobot's ease of use resonated well with ConfigCat's team. The intuitive interface enabled ConfigCat to set up monitoring for their critical services quickly.

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Lifetime free plan

As a growing company, ConfigCat appreciated UptimeRobot's free plan with 50 monitors, which met their monitoring needs without straining their budget.

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