How Stratosphere Lab Prevented Data Loss
with UptimeRobot.

Stratosphere Laboratory is a part of the Czech Technical University in Prague, dedicated to its pioneering work in machine learning and cybersecurity. Learn how they maintained reliable data collection in their Internet of Things laboratory.

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About Stratosphere Lab.

The laboratory is designed to simulate real-world internet environments with devices such as IP cameras, smart assistance, and routers exposed to cyber-attacks. This allows researchers to gather essential data for understanding and combating cyber threats.

Cybersecurity attacks research lab

Based in
Czech Republic
Uptime improved by

Challenges that Stratosphere Lab faced.

The devices are crucial in capturing real-time data on cyber threats. Yet, they frequently went offline without detection, leading to significant gaps in data collection and requiring constant supervision and physical intervention to restore functionality.

Biggest benefits of implementing UptimeRobot.

UptimeRobot addressed each of the lab's needs and illuminated their path to improved cybersecurity research.

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Swift reaction to interruptions

UptimeRobot was configured to monitor each IoT device connected to the internet, the main lab router, and the data storage server. This ensured that any downtime was immediately detected, reducing the response time to bring them back online.

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Dramatic reduction in data loss

Thanks to the reliable monitoring from UptimeRobot, Stratosphere Lab was able to markedly decrease the data loss and ensure a more continuous and reliable data collection.

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Increased uptime and reliability

By integrating smart power sockets coupled with UptimeRobot’s instant alerts, Stratosphere Lab was able to improve its uptime from 50% to over 94%.

UptimeRobot is now part of our core tools for monitoring. The integration with Slack and the Mobile application allows us to have information on what is happening and resolve incidents as fast as possible.

Our use of UptimeRobot has helped us tremendously over the past years to finally see, understand and take action on what was happening in our IoT infrastructure.

Veronika Valeros, Senior Researcher & Project Leader

What features made Stratosphere Lab choose UptimeRobot?

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Slack live alerts

By using the UptimeRobot's native Slack integration, the Stratosphere Lab team was able to immediately alert the right person, allowing for swift action. They were able to combine these with up to 17 personal and native notification options.

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Custom status pages

Using UptimeRobot's status page to visually display each device's status, enabling quicker lab health assessments and faster issue troubleshooting.They also built a custom solution to sent status page screenshots to their Slack.

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Lifetime free plan

UptimeRobot’s free plan with 50 monitors provided insights into patterns and anomalies they were previously unaware of. This new understanding enabled Stratosphere Lab to identify and address underlying issues.

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