How WordPress VIP improved their
uptime and achieved reliability.

WPVIP combines the flexibility of the CMS with unmatched scabalibility for enterprises. Learn more about why major brands trust them for their system stability, monitored by UptimeRobot.

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About WPVIP.

WPVIP's solution is trusted by iconic brands and agencies such as Meta, CNN, Bloomberg, The White House, and more. It enables brands to scale their online presence and produce more content, continuously enhancing performance and efficiency while maximizing ROI.

WPVIP combines the ease of WordPress with the enterprise-level security and empowers teams to produce content faster and smarter. The WordPress CMS runs 43% of the internet, making WPVIP's robust infrastructure critical for businesses that rely on seamless and reliable service.

CMS platform

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Key sectors
Enterprise brands, government, media
Powers about
43% of the web

UptimeRobot monitors
1000's of domains

What challenges WPVIP needed to solve.

To meet the diverse and expanding needs of their global customer base, WPVIP needed a monitoring service that they could automate and manage via APIs to monitor uptime for customer applications.

It needed to be a robust, scalable monitoring solution that could seamlessly integrate with their vast network of customer applications. They also needed an additional third-party monitoring service to act as an another tier of redundancy.

Key outcomes of the partnership.

UptimeRobot’s API-driven service offered swift, hassle-free integration, which allowed WPVIP to quickly implement an external monitoring system for faster deployment. This enhanced WPVIP’s network management, and allowed them to deliver consistent value to their clients.

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Monitoring across thousands of domains

Utilizing UptimeRobot's API allowed WPVIP to tailor monitoring intervals and alerts to their specific operational needs.

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Significantly improved response times

UptimeRobot's third-party monitoring has given WPVIP broader incident coverage contributing to enhanced performance and security.

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Saved infrastructure costs and quick start

By implementing a hassle-free solution from UptimeRobot, WPVIP avoided the need to build an in-house monitoring setup.

Few words by WPVIP.

Security and performance are a shared responsibility between ourselves and our customers. As a platform, we allow users to add custom code.

Thanks to UptimeRobot, we’re able to equip our engineers, services team, and our customers with the information they need to improve their performance.

Doyle Irvin, Product Marketing Manager at WPVIP

What features WPVIP finds valuable.

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Slack live alerts

WPVIP receives immediate notifications in their data store and Slack channel, allowing their team to promptly address monitoring alerts and resolve issues.

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Multi-location checks

UptimeRobot performs checks from multiple locations around the globe, ensuring that WPVIP’s services are available worldwide and reducing false positives.

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API integration

WPVIP uses UptimeRobot as an additional tier of redundancy, based outside their infrastructure. They needed a solution that could be easily managed via API.

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Currently, we keep an eye on 7,570,000 monitors for more than 2,100,000 users and companies.

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