Showcase your service uptime with status page.

Communicate incidents and maintenances to your users within status pages and decent e-mails.

Notify your users about maintenance and incidents.

Build the trustworthiness of your service. A decent e-mail notification is a great way how to let your customers know how long you'll be off. They'll be prepared and stay tuned.

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Private status page with password protection.

It's revealing when support team don't have to ask dev's about updates. Share an internal status page only with your teammates thanks to password protected status page.

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Status page with all you need.

Response times

Share response times so users can see how you thrive to be as fast as possible.

Custom domain

Set up status page on your own domain, like

Custom design

Play well with your brand. Add logo and customize colors and fonts as you wish.

G2Crowd awward: High performer summer 2020
  • I use UptimeRobot to monitor over 100 endpoints on my site. It's changed my reality from getting people tweeting me that part of my sites are down, to knowing it within 60 seconds and immediately being able to fix it. It's the most simple and easy monitoring app I know and it's made my daily life much easier.

    Photo of levelsio @levelsio, maker of, and others

  • I use UptimeRobot to get push notifications whenever my website goes DOWN. It's really easy and quick to set up and requires no extra changes to your website.

    Photo of levelsio @marckohlbrugge, maker of, and others

  • We strive for minimal downtime, but if something goes wrong UptimeRobot makes sure that we know about it quickly. We switched to using UptimeRobot years ago as they offered the same services we were getting from a different provider but at a fraction of the cost.


  • I've been using UptimeRobot for years as a cost-effective way to quickly alert me when my sites were down - and when they were back up.

    Photo of Steve ardalis Smith ~ Steve "ardalis" Smith, Software Architect

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