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Currently, we keep an eye on 7,570,000 monitors for more than 2,100,000 users and companies.
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Maintain your SEO ranking.

Avoid search engine penalties with uptime monitoring by ensuring consistent accessibility.

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Set up and sit back.

Start monitoring your landing pages in just a few clicks and get alerted immediately.

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Get notified immediately.

Get live alerts and pause your campaigns before you burn the whole budget for nothing. Choose from up to 16 notification channels.


Email is the most popular way for any notification. Get alerted!


Get alerted instantly by SMS, useful when you are offline!

Voice call

Get an automated voice call from us whenever your website is down.

Mobile app push

Download our free iOS / Android app to get notifications to your phone instantly!


Slack messages are a great way to inform the entire team of a downtime.

Microsoft Teams

Get notifications inside your MS Teams app to alert everyone in the group.


Get important monitor status updates in your Discord messages.


Integrate your Zapier account to get alerted right away.

Google Chat

Get notifications into the Google Chat. Just copy the room URL to UptimeRobot.

Explore the value of uptime monitoring.

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Improve email campaigns

Ensure the pages and other content you link to from your emails are working with uptime monitoring.

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Protect brand reputation

Enhance customer loyalty and trust of your customers while avoiding bad social reviews and product ratings.

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Optimize user experience

Keep an eye on the reliability and performance of your website to maximize the usability of your website.

Monitoring features to bring more results.

IncludedBranded status pages

Customize your status page with your colors, font, logo, and custom layouts.

IncludedResponse time monitoring

Get immediate alerts when your website takes longer than usual to load.

IncludedShared account access

Let your coworkers access all monitors, edit them, or receive live alerts.

Included50 free monitors

Get a lifetime free account and monitor up to 50 URLs, IPs, or keywords.

IncludedDomain name monitoring

Don’t let your domain slip due to expiration and get timely alerts.

IncludedSSL certificate monitoring

Keep your website protected and get SSL certificate expiry and error alerts.

Deliver reliable monitoring with the best cost-effective ratio.

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What marketers enjoy about UptimeRobot.

Beth V., Small Business Owner
5 stars rating

Have used for 5 years or more

I can't remember when we started with UptimeRobot. When I found them, I couldn't be more thrilled. I have a lot of websites that I'm responsible for and needed fast notification for when sites were down. The notifications keeps me ahead of clients calling me to tell me. I can notify them that we're aware of the problem and jump on fixing things before they are even aware. It allows me to give GREAT customer service and instill confidence in my customers that I'm on top of things. The mobile app just gives me faster notification and review of the details.

Ade M., Small Business Owner
5 stars rating

Reliable and essential

I’ve been using Uptime Robot for quite some time now, and I couldn’t be happier with the service. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for monitoring the uptime and performance of my websites and servers. The setup is a breeze, and I appreciate the flexibility to monitor multiple services, including HTTP(s), ports. The real-time alerts are a lifesaver, allowing me to take immediate action whenever there’s an issue.

Jason F., Marketer
5 stars rating

A must have for any agency

We use UptimeRobot every day to monitor all of our client websites. It has become an essential tool in our daily workflow. The app is straightforward to use, simple and has an excellent user experience. We highly recommend UptimeRobot!

Selecia E., Business Owner
5 stars rating

Peace of mind

There's nothing like knowing that everything is running smoothly. When I received the call saying, 'Your website is down,' it was a shock. I don't like just finding out; I prefer being in the know. With UptimeRobot, I get a quick text alert and email so I can take action immediately. This is a fantastic product and provides great peace of mind. This way, I can give my website personnel a piece of my mind! Reliability is comforting to have. It's total peace of mind.

Aj T., Marketer
5 stars rating

Put you ahead of the situation before disaster strikes!

Reliable and flexible alerts options. Combined with our internal early warning devices, UptimeRobot service put our company ahead of the situation and manage expectation before disaster strikes (client noticing the issue).

Samuel P., Co-Founder
5 stars rating

Great product, responsive and helpful support

Simple to use and setup, straightforward notifications and good support.

Frequently asked questions.

  • What makes UptimeRobot the right choice for uptime monitoring for marketers?

    UptimeRobot is an advanced yet user-friendly monitoring solution offering marketers the best cost-effective ratio. More than 2 million users can confirm that.

    Live chat and email support are available for assistance with any questions or issues.

  • Is there a learning curve involved in using UptimeRobot?

    UptimeRobot is designed with users in mind and you can start using it without technical knowledge in just 30 seconds.

    It’s great for both beginners and advanced users, but there’s live support available in case you need any assistance.

  • How does Uptime Robot help in preventing customer churn?

    UptimeRobot helps prevent customer churn by ensuring consistent website availability, thus providing a reliable user experience.

    It delivers immediate alerts in case of website downtime, enabling quick issue resolution to reduce user inconvenience.

    Through different monitoring options, you can identify potential problems affecting user experience and proactively prevent customer churn.

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