Status pages

A Comprehensive Guide to Status Pages in 2024

Status pages are one of the best additions to your monitoring that can significantly reduce the number of support tickets or improve the efficiency of your teams and processes.  There are multiple benefits hidden in creating a custom status page, so let’s take a look at all of them and how you can implement them […]

SSL monitoring

SSL Certificate Errors: A comprehensive guide

SSL certificates create an encrypted connection between a web server and a user’s browser. This encryption ensures that any data transmitted remains private and secure, making it essential for protecting sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, and personal details.  However, when there’s an issue with the SSL certificate, users can encounter errors that not […]

Ping monitoring

What is ping monitoring

Ping monitoring is an essential technique in network management used to assess the health and performance of a network by verifying the availability of servers and other network devices. It employs the ‘ping’ command, a basic Internet tool that tests connectivity between two networked devices.  The process involves sending ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) echo […]

Glossary Port monitoring

SMTP Monitoring Uncovered: How Does It Work?

SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a crucial component in the world of email communication. It’s a protocol used within the TCP/IP suite that facilitates the sending and receiving of email. SMTP is commonly used by a range of email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Yahoo Mail. As of […]

Best practices Observability

How to Calculate Uptime? And 5 Tips for Achieving 99.9%

The lifeblood of any online business lies in its accessibility. When your site or application is accessible, your customers are happy, your brand reputation remains intact, and revenues keep flowing. Because of this, understanding and calculating uptime becomes crucial.  Let’s face it: any downtime translates to lost revenue. A study by the ITIC found that […]

Best practices Website monitoring

What is Website Maintenance: Your Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Site Functional

What is website maintenance? Website maintenance is not that different from keeping up with the maintenance of real brick-and-mortar stores. Would you shop at a dirty store, filled with broken furniture, and selling outdated products? We didn’t think so. Website maintenance plays the same role: it makes the business inviting, makes you look professional, and […]

Glossary Website monitoring

A Deep Dive into the HTTP 999 Status Code

As mentioned in our ultimate guide to HTTP status codes, HTTP 999 is unofficial, but it still plays an important role in the flow of our online journey in unexpected ways — and here’s why. So what is it for? We all know that the digital highway is held together by something called the Hypertext […]

Glossary Website monitoring

HTTP Status Codes Uncovered: Your Ultimate Guide

Did you like our previous blog about domain hijacking? Let’s see if you know all the HTTP codes now.  Decoding HTTP status codes HTTP status codes, typically a sequence of three numbers, are a reply from the server in response to a request made by a web browser. A common example many might recognize is […]

Best practices Domain monitoring

The Invisible Threat: Understanding Domain Hijacking and Its Consequences

Did you notice when we announced the new domain expiration monitoring feature? Read on to see how it might come in handy to you. Domain names are the equivalent of real estate. But the right domain name can also be a money powerhouse. You probably paid as little as $20 for your domain name, but […]

Cron job monitoring

Streamline Your Scheduling With the Best 9 Cron Job Monitoring Tools

Welcome to the world of cron job monitoring tools, where you can ensure your scheduled tasks run like clockwork and devices connected to the internet are still up and running! Cron job monitoring sends you alerts if something goes wrong and the tool doesn’t receive a request from your end. They keep you informed with […]