Planned Maintenance: Enhancing Heartbeat Monitoring Stability

We’re excited to announce that we will be migrating our cron job (Heartbeat) monitoring to a new server provider this week. Here are all the important details.

This migration will enable us to optimize our infrastructure and increase the reliability for you, our valued users. The new provider claims an availability of  ≥99.999%.

We’ve decided to migrate due to the increased number of incidents on the side of our current provider. The availability of our service is of the utmost importance.

When Exactly Will We Migrate and What to Expect?

To keep you informed we recommend subscribing to updates on our status page (click on the green bell button in the upper right corner).

We will announce the migration time with an update on our status page, which you’ll receive via email once if you’ve subscribed for updates.

We’ll do our best to migrate the Heartbeat monitoring servers with minimum disruption, however, some short outages (maximum of a few minutes) are possible during this time. You can also receive some false positive alerts.

This step is one of many planned improvements. We value your trust and are comitted to delivering the best possible user experience.

Don’t forget to subscribe to updates on our status page and do not hesitate to contact our support team with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for being part of our journey towards an improved UptimeRobot monitoring service.

Written by Frantisek - Product owner

UI/UX, ex-Product owner | LinkedIn

Frantisek Vrab is a UI/UX designer He has also served his time as the Product Owner at UptimeRobot, during which he lead the development and design of our new status pages and mobile app. Currently he works and leads the development and design of our new web app. Frantisek focuses on usability and design of all products at UptimeRobot and the whole itrinity, s.r.o. portfolio (Mangools, WarmUpInbox, EmailListVerify).

Frantisek has valuable creative and technical skills. He has been instrumental in creating a fresh brand identity for UptimeRobot through his innovative design and thoughtful usability strategies. Guided by a philosophy of continuous improvement, Frantisek consistently strives to enhance every project he undertakes.

Aside from his professional endeavours, Frantisek is a passionate advocate for ecology and has a deep love for nature. He enjoys biking and sustainable living. His well-rounded personality combined with his professional skills make him an invaluable asset to UptimeRobot team.

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Fact checked by Alex Ioannides

Head of DevOps | LinkedIn

Alex is a seasoned professional with a natural knack for problem solving. He is currently serving as the Head of DevOps at itrinity, where he oversees the operations of all portfolio products, namely UptimeRobot, Mangools, EmailListVerify, and WarmupInbox. His role involves ensuring the seamless operation and ongoing improvement of these platforms.

Prior to his tenure at itrinity, Alex founded FocusNet Group and served as its CTO. The company specializes in providing managed web hosting services for a wide spectrum of high-traffic websites and applications.

One of Alex's notable contributions to the open-source community is his involvement as an early founder of HestiaCP, an open-source Linux Web Server Control Panel.

At the core of Alex's work lies his passion for Infrastructure as Code. He firmly believes in the principles of GitOps and lives by the mantra of "automate everything". This approach has consistently proven effective in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the systems he manages.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Alex has a broad range of interests. He enjoys traveling, is a football enthusiast, and maintains an active interest in politics.

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