Monitor-Specific apiKeys & Improvements On API

Since the launch of the API ~a month ago, we are so excited to see many users integrating Uptime Robot ratios to their websites or auto-creating/deleting monitors from their apps.

Also, several wrappers and code samples are shared which eases consuming the "easy-to-use" API more.

As you know, the standard Uptime Robot apiKey can pull and push data for every monitor in an account. You can create create monitors, edit or delete them. But, what if you need to use the API that pulls data from your account but displays it inside a client's website? Revealing the apiKey would be a security issue.

Monitor-specific apiKeys

A new type of apiKey comes to the rescue: monitor-specific apiKeys are now added to the system which enables pulling data of "only" a given monitor.

Each monitor can have their own apiKey and they are locked to use the getMonitors API method only for that monitor.

That is specially functional for web agencies and freelancers controlling multiple clients websites from their own Uptime Robot accounts.


The getMonitors method now returns:

Tighter integration for web apps

If you have a web application/service and looking for a tighter integration with Uptime Robot (like creating users via API), please feel free to contact us at for more details.

That's all for now : ).

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