Status Pages>Custom Domains are now HTTPs-enabled

https-smallPublic Status Pages, a feature to easily share the statuses of the monitors with others, was introduced few months ago.

The standard status page URLs (like were HTTPs-enabled since day one.

However, the ones behind a custom domain (like were not as it was a little more tricky to get a SSL certificate for all the custom domains.

Good news, custom domains are now HTTPs enabled too (thanks to the free + automated CA: Let’s Encrypt).

And, all status pages are actually HTTPs-only from now on.

Important note for CloudFlare users:

As the status pages are now HTTPs-only, the “flexible SSL feature of CloudFlare” will end up in an infinite redirect. There are 2 options to make it work:

  • disabling the “cloud feature” for the CNAME
  • or, using Full or Strict SSL feature

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This is a cool feature and a good application of Let’s Encrypt!

However, this doesn’t seem to work correctly. Over HTTPS, I receive the certificate for instead of a certificate for the expected domain. If I ignore the error, the expected status report pops up. However, over HTTP, I get a generic error saying “No such site at”.

I setup the CNAME and status page for just minutes ago. If this is a temporary situation, then maybe stick a message on the page clarifying that things are being configured and will start working in a little while.

Update: Tried again just before submitting this comment, and now it says “Safari Can’t Open the Page”. Do I need a uptime monitor for my uptime monitor status page?

We had few glitches regarding auto-SSL generation for each custom domain. Yet, they are all resolved now :).

We are also having some issues with the custom status page. Albeit I just recently configured it, but it throws an SSL error in both Firefox and Chrome.

With Cloudflare, I’m getting 526 – Invalid SSL certificate. I have it set on Full (Strict).

Hi, i have setup CNAME for but it gives me SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT
The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

I suffered from the Cloudflare “not working” issue.

Would have been great if you’d have notified of this breaking change in advance instead of just a footnote in a blog post.

On a separate issue my services went down, and when I had an emergency it was not fun to notice that the status page was broken as well..

Turning off the Cloudflare proxy solved the issue. I kept receiving SSL handshake error or something like that..

Hi ! I have tried setting up the alerts for one of the monitors but looks like it doesn’t send any confirmation email to my corporate email id but sends it to my personal id if i add one. How can sign up my corporate id for the alerts?


It seems that the issue of certificate is blocked by DNS CAA record.
The problem solved when I added
0 issue “”

Yes, if such a preventive CAA record exists, it is needed to make sure Let’s Encrypt certs are permitted.

Can’t seem to get this to work. Using cloudflare disabled using cloudflare CDN but still getting the error message ‘No such site at’

Any ideas why?

The status page is really nice.

On our website, we have a link pointing to the status page.
Is there a way to place a “Home” link on the status page to send the user back to our home page?


If I try to register my CNAME in following error is displayed:
”Bitte korrigieren Sie Ihre Eingabe. Es muss ein absoluter Servername angegeben werden, das heißt der Servername muss mit einem Punkt nach der Topleveldomain enden. IP-Adressen können nicht angegeben werden!”

Why only 7 days for the status report?

Can we also have month report in there – is this available in the pro plan ?

Also – can we please have incident pages / ability to add note on why downtime is happening?

We are working on displaying/paginating through the dates.

And, announcements is an upcoming feature.

Hi, I have setup CNAME for but it gives me SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT

I’m not understanding the setup for this feature. It says custom domain is optional but I get an error if I don’t fill in a custom domain. I thought there was a way to get a URL from uptimerobot and some directory. I wanted to test this before creating a custom domain.

Hi Michael,

you don’t have to enter a custom domain if you don’t want to use one, your status page will be on URL like, could you please send us all the details if you are still getting any error? Thank you.

I’m trying to setup the public status page. But I’m getting an SSL error,

This site can’t provide a secure sent an invalid response.

Can I get some assistance with this? I read the comments here, but I’m still having issues.

Hi Justin,

are you still getting any errors when creating the public status page? Please send us some details if yes and we will be happy to take a look at it, but it seems to be working correctly at the moment.

Dear Friends, i hope you are doing well. I have set up the custom domain and created my DNS CNAME.

But the page is not reachable. Do I have a mistake in thinking?

Do I need to create a subdomain with my hoster?
I have chosen onlinestatus. is that ok?

Thanks a lot for help. Best regards and stay healthy. Cheers Nemo

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