2x SMS Messages for the Same Price

Uptime Robot supports multiple methods to get notified about downtimes on mobile (SMS, push notifications via the mobile app, Pushbullet, Pushover or Boxcar).

And, SMS is one of the most reliable notification methods specially when no data plan exists.

Also, many users prefer to configure their SMS alert contacts as:

to make sure that they are notified of longer/important downtimes in case there is no data connectivity.

Pricing update

And, the users can now add 2x more SMS messages for the same price and here are the updated prices:

  • 100 SMS – $15
  • 200 SMS – $25
  • 500 SMS – $55
  • 1000 SMS – $100

Also, the SMS messages included in each Pro Plan is doubled as well.

We’ll also be introducing few new features (very soon) to make sure you can use the SMS messages more effectively. Yay!

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