A Change In RSS Notification Addresses

Many of the Uptime Robot users are enjoying the RSS notification feature which allows "anyone (with your unique RSS address)" to view all up/down events of your account via RSS.

Some developers use this for integrating the events to their websites and others add the feed to their RSS readers to see any events from there.

In order to make RSS notifications better work with out being improved and distributed monitoring engine, we have made few changes to it.

It now became too much stable but, most importantly, the RSS addresses have changed.

The new RSS addresses can again be found at the same place (My Monitors page). If you use it, make sure you get the new URL.

P.S. The old addresses will still be active until 15 Nov 2012.

14 replies on “A Change In RSS Notification Addresses”

I’m getting an error when I try to add this new feed to google reader. I tried adding something else and it added it no problem then I tried again with the new uptimerobot feed and got the error again. It’s the generic “something went wrong, try again later” type error.

Tried one more time and ended up with “the feed requested cannot be found.” Even when I click on the link I’m getting nothing.

Can you double check your new system?

Update : I tried clicking on the link again and the rss came up BUT it took a long time to do so; about 2-4 minutes.

I get an XML parsing error – the title element does not seem to be not entity quoted. Try it with a monitor name that includes an &.

All the best

Thank you for your great service , I used it today and I really enjoined it.
Can you add a bit customization to RSS feeds? I want only Down events appears in my rss feed.

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