April 2024: New Mattermost & Telegram bot integrations, and sponsorship for non-profits

What’s the most important integration? It’s the one that sends you immediate alerts when your attention is needed!

As promised in our 2023 wrap-up, we’ve been continuously enhancing both our service and new web app by developing new features and updating our integrations. In addition, we’ve prepared a special offer for non-profit and charitable organizations.

Mattermost integration

We have exciting news for everyone using Mattermost through our Slack integrations and webhooks. From now on, you’ll find a new native integration for Mattermost included in all paid plans.

Simply click on the Integrations tab in the web app and add the Mattermost Incoming Webhook URL from the Mattermost app. Just like with other integrations, you can choose the types of notifications you wish to receive.

Mattermost UptimeRobot integration

Telegram Bot updates

The long-awaited update for our Telegram Bot is finally here! Now, you can use the Telegram integration for groups as well. You’ll receive notifications from a new chat with @itrinity_ur_bot — don’t worry, it’s still us! 

Everything will function as before, and no further action is required on your part.

UptimeRobot Telegram Bot

UptimeRobot gives back

Our community has always been a crucial part of UptimeRobot’s journey. Now, it’s time for us to give back. We are proud to already be sponsoring more than 50 non-profit and charitable organizations that are making a significant impact.

By providing sponsored monitoring, we aim to support these organizations on their journeys, allowing non-profits and charities to focus on what’s truly important.

Our sponsorship program is now official, and we are actively seeking new organizations to enhance their uptime monitoring capabilities with additional monitors and shorter monitoring intervals. 

All details, terms, and conditions can be found on our website, where you can also read testimonials from sponsored organizations.

Get Sponsored Monitoring

What’s next?

You know we love surprises, so don’t expect any major announcements here—we wouldn’t want to spoil them for you! 

However, we do have many enhancements in the pipeline that will improve both the reliability and usability of our service. These include infrastructure updates, minor features such as bulk import, and a new monitoring feature. Can you guess what it will be?

Written by Tomas Koprusak

Product Owner | LinkedIn

Tomas Koprusak is a Product Owner at UptimeRobot. He has a rich history in similar roles at global IT powerhouses like IBM, where he started as a developer and moved to a Product Manager position, working with EMEA clients and colleagues from the US, Brazil, and China.

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“Can you guess what it will be?”
Performance monitor?
Statuspages have the ability to select a timeframe (24h, 7d, 30d, 90d)?
API for announcements?
Missing links monitor?

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