Bulk Actions Get Better!

In case you haven’t seen or used it, there is a “Bulk Actions link” just under the “Add Monitor button” in the left sidebar.

It simply opens the “Bulk Actions dialog” and presents a set of actions that can be applied to monitors in bulk.

Bulk Actions


This feature is now more powerful with few important additions including:

  • support for maintenance windows
  • support for SSL settings
  • applying the actions only to selected monitors (besides all monitors)
  • choosing to overwrite or apply by preserving the previous settings

Hope that they will help and we are already working on the expected addition.. which is “bulk importing monitors” :).

17 replies on “Bulk Actions Get Better!”

Thanks, but is there a bulk action to import monitors from a CSV file? I’m setting up a new account and that would be very convenient. Thanks.

I am looking for the same function now. Were you ever able to figure out how to bulk import?

Hi James,

this feature is planned 🙂 It will be added soon, after we are done with the upgrades.

Hi Felix,

this feature is planned and will be added soon 🙂 We are currently working on some upgrades and optimizing our service.

Hi Ryan,

thank you for your comment, bulk import feature would be a great addition to our service, we are focused on our new status pages and mobile app at the moment, along with upgrading our infrastructure and optimizing the code, but we’ll definitely get back to this in the future.

Hi Kristian, I’ve just send you an email where I ask if you can kindly import monitors from a CSV file to my account.

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