New Feature – Telegram Integration

Telegram LogoUptime Robot offers multiple ways to get notified of downtime. And, here comes another exciting one.

Thanks to its bot framework and API support, it is now possible to get down/up/SSL notifications via Telegram messaging app.



The usage is pretty simple:

  • go to My Settings>Alert Contacts>New>Telegram
  • create the alert contact
  • click the unique Telegram link created
  • press /start button displayed in the Telegram dialog
  • and, you are all set, just attach this alert contact to the monitors of your choice via add/edit monitor dialogs.

Hope that this new feature helps for better notifications.


54 replies on “New Feature – Telegram Integration”

Great feature – at the moment I’m using IFTTT for this. Any plans on supporting Group chats? That’s the only thing keeping me back (ok maybe also the ability to customize messages)

Nice function, except, it doesn’t seems to work.

I do the activation and get the reply “Your Telegram alert contact (removed for my privacy) is now activated. In order to get down/up notifications, please make sure that you attach this new alert contact to the monitors of your choice from the add/edit monitor dialogs. Click here to go to the Uptime Robot dashboard (”

But the padlock is still visible in the contact method and I don’t receive up and down messages.

What’s wrong? Is it me? or something else?

Thanks for the implementation! It would be great if this had the ability to push Telegram notifications to a group chat. My family uses Telegram for many different home automation messages, and this would be extremely beneficial if they all got notifications from UptimeRobot.

Hi Hans,

thank you for your feedback! This is already written down and we will hopefully work on it in the future when we are done with all the current works 🙂

Hi Jerome,

we agree and we’ll reconsider it in the future. At the moment, we are busy with our new status pages, mobile app, upgrading our infrastructure and optimizing our service.

Let us know if you have any suggestions, we are happy to hear them!

Hi Shlomi, we are currently focusing on other priorities like the new status pages, mobile app, upgrading our infrastructure and optimizing the service, but we’ll think about it in the future for sure!

Any news about group notifications? it will be so helpfull for many user, you can release it in pro version and i will buy it 🙂

@Kristian, Telegram groups are much more interesting (and easier to implement!) than the mobile app 😀 I think it’s the most important feature missing for me.

May I suggest you listen and pay attention to what your customers needs are?
If you miss the boat on thisand a compettitor starts supporting Telegram groups, you will loose their busines and good will.

Hint hint.
Prety please, with a cherry on top.

Even if you charged $1 a month for the group connector??

Hi David,

thank you for your feedback, we understand this is a wanted feature, but there are other priorities at the moment we are working on, like our new mobile app or status pages we just released 🙂 But we’ll definitely reconsider it when the time’s right! Let us know if you have any other ideas.

Hey, could you please advise me how to add or edit UpTimeRobot notification not to my own Telegram ID but to Telegram channel (another bot with was created to combine multiple alerts from multiple systems)?

Look, come on guys..
get with the game..

I would love this to be a PRO feature
I don’t mind paying the uplift to get access to features such as this.

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