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Configuring Cloudflare for Status Pages (with Custom-Domains)

Cloudflare is an impressive service/platform for securing and speeding up websites.

If you use Cloudflare and have a “status page with a custom-domain” in Uptime Robot, “there may be a small configuration needed” to make sure things work smooth.

IMPORTANT: These settings don’t work with flattened CNAMEs, disable this feature first.

Who needs the custom configuration?

If the 3 items below match your case, then the custom config is needed:

  1. Use Cloudflare as your domain’s DNS provider
  2. Have a status page with custom domain in Uptime Robot
  3. Have the “Crypto” setting as “Flexible” in Cloudflare

How to make the custom config?

That is so easy:

  1. Login to your Cloudflare account
  2. Click the domain of your status page
  3. Click “Page Rules>Create Page Rule”
  4. Enter *MyStatusPageCustomDomain* (like **) into “If the URL matches” field
  5. Click “Add Setting>SSL>Full”
  6. Click “Save and Deploy”
  7. That’s it.

And, here is a screenshot of the setting:

Custom Domain Status PageIn case it’s not working check the change the DNS settings to OnlyDNS (grey cloud) instead of Proxied (orange):

19 replies on “Configuring Cloudflare for Status Pages (with Custom-Domains)”

I’m still getting the Handshake Failed error from Cloudflare. Tried Full and Strict page rules for the

I did this but i’m gettin an error, it says “Error 525: SSL handshake failed”, any ideas on how to solve this?

Tried this last night my crypto is set to Full for all my domains on my account, CNAME is in place tested it this morning and get Error 525 SSL Handshake failed.

Please Advise.


I fixed this by simply bypassing the CloudFlare proxy for the subdomain. This reveals the real IP address of – but it saves a page rule – which might cost you money.

If I set CF to:

* Strict: times-out with 525 http error
* Full: times-out with 525 http error
* Flexible: redirect-loop (e.g. triest to redirect to https:// URL even though I am accessing it from https://

If I disable reverse-proxy, then the https fails because there is no valid cert for my domain.


Hi Akhbar, our customers don’t report such issues and usually, we’re able to help them get this right. I understand you probably already left us, but we’ll be happy to take a look at any issues you might have and help you.

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