Getting Uptime Ratios Of Any Period Via API – Now Possible!

Since the release of the API, the “all time uptime ratio” for each monitor is provided by default.

Many users have asked for the ability to get weekly and/or monthly uptime ratios to integrate more values into their websites/apps.

Today, we have added a new variable to the getMonitors method which can return the uptime ratio of any given period.

It can provide values back to 2 months (this is how long the logs are kept for).

The new feature is smart enough to return the ratios of multiple intervals in a single API call.

In order to use it, just add: customUptimeRatio=7 to the getMonitors request for getting the 7 days uptime. Or you can go with customUptimeRatio=7-30-60 to get uptime ratios of all 3 days.

To learn more about the usage, just check the getMonitors method in the API docs.

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I just wanted to say that what you guys are doing is really great!

While we have a TON of in-house monitoring going on, it’s always great to also have our websites and servers monitored by a 3rd party service. Keep it up, weI really appreciate it! 🙂

Your site worked fine yesterday. Today when I login all that appears is this html error. Can you please fix this as soon as posible.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80040e21’

ODBC driver does not support the requested properties.

C:\INETPUB\UPTIMEROBOT.COM\INCLUDES\../includes/commonFunc.asp, line 930

where to check the IPS from uptimerobot to add them to my firewall, seems to be up-down-up-down-up-down one server. and i have same check but only with domain and 100% up.

So great to see that the service helps.

We had a db issue and it is fixed as quickly as possible.

The RSS feed is activated by default and can be found in the My Monitors page (just check the RSS icon).

The IPs can be found at:

Maybe I am not using the service correctly, but I took my server off line to rebuild after a failure, and the monitor shows that I am still at 100% uptime. I have it monitoring the home page.

Thanks so much for this service. We have this so alerts go to my webmaster iPhone, then he setup an APP so that when he pushed the buttons, it resets our servers and C-Panel, even when traveling, we are never DOWM for long.

You guys are great! Thank you for providing this service; it provides us with another way to monitor our web assets. Much appreciated.

Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful service. I have a couple questions:

1) In the Status column, is that % for the last 24 hrs, or for all time (assuming “all time” means 2 months since that’s how long as the logs are kept).

2) Is there any way to export the reports? If not, would you consider adding that feature at some point?

Thank you again. This service rocks! I appreciate it so much.


1- They are all time (not 2 months either but since the beginning).
2- Export is not available yet but we’ll add it with v2 (already working on it)

I can monitor a website fine with HTTP Monitoring. But if I setup keyword monitoring for the same website then the keyword monitoring alerts says that the site is down


Keyword monitoring searches the text inside the HTML source code. Make sure the “keyword” is the same as it is in the keyword.

And also double-check if the “exists – not exists” option is selected right.

Please feel free to open a support ticket at if the issue persists.

Do your API support push monitoring? The web server that I would like to monitor is behind firewall and I would like to write code to use your api to provide you the status of of the web server every 5 minutes.

I’m using customUptimeRatio=1-14-30 to get the one day 2 weeks and one month availability of my web-site. But the returned ratio seems to be calculated from the oldest stored day i.e. the first day two months ago.
But I would need the availability from now back one day, from now back two weeks and from now back one month.
Does the API support this?
Kind regards, Jeff

We have this so alerts go to my webmaster iPhone, then he setup an APP so that when he pushed the buttons, it resets our servers and C-Panel,

How i get customUptimeRatio of 44 days ? like this : customUptimeRatio=44 ?
I have 44 logs obtained like this : logs=1. normal would that customUptimeRatio=44 for 44 logs, no ? How to show downtime with api like this :

Is it possible to retrieve uptime for a specifc period – for a specifc month / week / day for example?

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