Last 24 Hours Status And Custom Timezones

Since the launch of Uptime Robot, we’re analyzing the cost of keeping logs in means of performance and size.

With lots of tweaks to our engine and code, Uptime Robot now saves every action to present them as reports and charts.

The first report activated is the “Last 24 Hours Status” which can be found in the “My Monitors” page like below:

The report displays the events (up/down/paused) within a timeline and it is interactive. You can hover any event to find out the details about it.

In order to view the dates and times in your own timezone, we have added a “timezone” field inside the “My Settings” page which you can select your own and the report (+ all feature reports) will be displayed with that timezone.

P.S. The report tooltips are a little buggy in IE (working on a fix) but they work nice in all other browsers.

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Great to hear that you liked it. More reports will be coming soon.

Fixed the delete.

I can’t find a way to get in touch with you guys. (No contact button) nor a way to delete my account.


Our e-mail is mentioned in the “about” page. You can reach us from support(a-t)

Yes, you’re right with that. It is -currently- not resize-font friendly bacause of how we use the charts. But we’ll try to find a fix for that. Thanks.

Hey guys, this is a fantastic service. It’s been super useful to me in keeping FatCow honest. Speaking of which, it would be awesome if instead of the last 24 hours it could report a year. 99.9% uptime over the year is what HostGator, HostMonster, etc. all claim, and it would be nice to be able to independently verify that. 24 hours is super useful, but a year would be incredible.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!


Firstly, I think uptimerobot is as great idea! So many thanks for the time and effort you’re putting in to provide this service.

I echo some of the comments above, weekly, monthly reports would be very useful to understand the rue availability of my website.

Many Thanks, Lee


The first part of the reports module is being activated this week and we’ll try hard to activate the rest very soon.

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