Twitter Support For Receiving Alerts

Few weeks ago, Twitter approved our request for getting whitelisted to use their API, so we wouldn't be limited with the standard daily API usage limits.

And, we just activated the Twitter integration for getting the up/down alerts via Twitter DMs (direct messages).

The usage is very simple:

  • Follow @uptimerobot Twitter user (so, it can send DMs)
  • Go to "My Settings" page
  • Under "Add Alert Contacts", click Twitter
  • Enter your Twitter user (without @)
  • Activate this alert contact by pressing the "play button" inside the table listing your alert contacts

That's it. You'll now be receiving up and down alerts via Twitter.

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Great to hear that you liked the feature.

Saad Bassi,

That would be lovely.

When I put in my Twitter ID and click add, I get the spinny ajax thingy, but it then goes away and it does not show up in my alert list.


It was due to the account using “protected tweets” and how we handle the friendship status with Twitter.

Rolled a small update and it now works on accounts with “protected tweets” too.

@EricNet & @Dinu

We are working on a reporting/stats module that will enable you to view the stats of a given period and get reports via e-mail.

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