Multi-Location Monitoring (And New IPs)

Excited to share a nice move that will make Uptime Robot much more stable and eliminate any false-positives.

We’ll be starting to monitor websites from multiple locations (from US, Europe, Asia, etc.) to make 100% sure that they are “down” before sending any notifications.

It is all set now and we’ll be doing test monitoring starting today and the system will be activated fully by next week.

The remote checks will be done from URLs like,, etc. So, if you whitelist our IPs in your firewalls, analytics applications, etc, please whitelist * to make sure it will cover all remote locations.

New IP:

Tip: If you need to whitelist IPs for a reason, you’ll find the rest useful. Else, why don’t you start monitoring more websites?

Today, we have also added a new server which is much powerful and won’t require any upgrades for a long time (hopefully short).

The old IP ( will still be used until the end of April 2010 and the new IP is (it is already used).

8 replies on “Multi-Location Monitoring (And New IPs)”

Great to hear that it sounds good and you like Uptime Robot. Cheers:).

Thanks very much for helping the word spread, so appreciated.

This service seems to only get better. I am scared it is going to get too good and you will have to start charging soon…..;-)

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