New Feature: Announcements for the Status Pages (Pro Plan)

A status page is a very easy-to-setup, nice and automated way to share the status of the websites/servers with visitors, users and teammates.

And, the ability to share additional info with users like current issues or an upcoming maintenance can only make it better.

Announcements in Status Pages

We have just added this feature (in the Pro Plan) where it is now possible to add announcements to the status pages and the feature can be viewed in action at Uptime Robot’s status page.

How to use it?

The feature can be reached from My Settings>Public Status Pages>Any status page>Announcement icon.

Status Page Announcement

There are currently 3 announcement types:

  • info
  • issue
  • maintenance

which covers almost all use-cases and we are open to suggestions for additional ones.

An announcement can be set to be published and auto-resolved/archived at a future date.

And, hoping that it’ll help for a better communication with users and teammates.

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Nice feature, though I can’t immediately see how we could use it.

We have lots of websites on a single server, and a separate status page for each site (client). If we perform server maintenance, we would want to apply an announcement across multiple sites at once – it’s not practical to create separate announcements for each status page, so is there a way of applying an announcement to multiple pages at once (like the Bulk Actions for monitors)?


In addition, how about linking the Maintenance Windows to the Announcements – so that if there is a Maintenance Window set up for one or more monitors, the Status Page automatically shows an announcement of that Maintenance Window if it applies to the monitors covered by the Status Page? I’m thinking that when you create a Maintenance Window, you could add the Annoucement Details as part of setting up the Maintenance Window.

Just wondering if there’s any update on when some of these new features might be available for the Announcements feature? In particular, adding to multiple status pages, linking to maintenance windows and making active announcements visible rather than collapsed.

Update the view to be visible if there are active announcements is definitely possible.

We are now collecting feedback and would love to fine-tune afterwards.

Hi Jan, we are currently working on a complete redesign of our status pages, so stay tuned 🙂

Any plans to enable the ability for people to subscribe to alerts for specific monitors? Use case being we add an update and the systems emails those that are subscribed about it?

Hi Ed,

we will certainly add it to our list of cool feature requests from our users! Thank you for sharing the idea, hopefully, one day it will be the reality.

Have a great day!

Great addition!

I’d love to see IP restrictions on the status page road map.

In my use case, all of my customers are internal. Status page would be a great asset, but can make it public to the world.


Any plans to make the status page load more consistent?

It’s great looking at the moment but sometimes I find the status page taking 10-15 minutes to load with that three dot animation.

Hi there,

definitely, we are currently working on upgrading our infrastructure and the status pages will be redesigned too, so stay tuned 🙂

Another suggestion for notifications – can they be modified to contain some basic html? For example I’d like to include a couple of links that users can follow in the event of downtime where they can get further information etc, and add some line breaks etc. It currently appears to be plain text only.

Do you have any timescale on some of the other suggestions being implemented?

Hi Allan,

thank you for your feedback! We are currently working on a complete redesign of our website and status pages, there will be more changes we believe you will like 😉 so stay tuned!

I’d love it if we could include links in the announcements! Is there any sort of markup supported? Straight HTMLand normal universal markup didn’t seem to work.


Hi Alex,

thank you for your feedback, we are currently working on redesigning our status pages, there will be more changes, so stay tuned 😉

This feature is great, but 4 additional functionalities would make it fantastic:

1) Add a “contact” location underneath the logo, where some basic address and phone number could live.
2) Allow for setting the basic color scheme (so it can visually match a companies thematic presence). That way people landing can feel assured that its legit.
3) Allow a info page to be pinned full view without needing to “expand it” everytime.
4) Allow for some basic html in the text block; Basic a href’s for example, and maybe some basic character formatting (Bold, underline, italic, font size for example).

Great service!

Hi Oliver,

thank you for your feedback! We are currently working on upgrading the status pages, some of the features you mention are already planned, so stay tuned 🙂

Love it.
Feature requests:
*A setting to expand all announcements by default for users visiting the page
*Tag an announcement to specific services
*Add metadata fields for the actual maintenance window being ‘announced’

Hey Paul, thank you for your feedback! We will reconsider it with our next upgrade 🙂

Hi, how will be users and teammate be notified? Is there a possibility to register for announcements entering the email address to the status page (aka Do there is a possibility to create different status pages (Service Provider model) with authentification f.e. for different customers.
Thanks in Advance for your answers.

Hi Florian,

thank you for reaching out to us, this feature is already planned, you will be able to subscribe to status pages soon 🙂 You can currently create more status pages and protect them with passwords.

Hi Michal, there are no stupid questions! You can set the password when you are setting up the stats page when editing it, please take a look at it in your Dashboard or contact our support on and we will be happy to help!

Why don’t you also provide a way to have this available only for people having a link?
Instead of “public”, allow a “share link”, that will utilize a long hash-like URL that only people who have it can open this (and of course disallow any robots from indexing this page).

Thank you!

Hey there, that’s a great idea! We will reconsider it, for now, you can use password protection for your public status page.

Hi James,

thank you for your comment! If I understand it correctly, does it take some time when you publish an announcement on your status page? Could you please send us the details to

A few years earlier I was missing similar feature and made simple static page generator in Perl It has only basic functionality and isn’t so nice, but may be useful for those without Pro plan.

BTW is there a way to make a donation? Free plan (thx for it!) is completely enough for me and I use it only for my private stuff, but I use the service for a long time and would like to contribute in some way.

Hi, thank you for sharing with us! We appreciate your will to make a donation, but it’s not necessary 🙂

How do I define the custom domain name for my Public status page ?
Do you have examples ? Is there a help page ?
I am a Pro user and wish to create a Public status page.


the example is available when creating the status pages, it should look like Don’t forget to set the CNAME DNS record to

Let us know if there is anything we can help you with, preferably directly to!

Have a great day!

hello, it could have a function for translating the page, some platforms accept to send a json file with the translation. thank you.

Hi Marcelo, thank you for the suggestion! Translations are not currently planned, but we’ll keep this idea in mind for sure.

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