New Feature – Monitoring Ports

Here comes a “frequently requested feature”: Monitoring Ports.

Uptime Robot now enables you to monitor any port/service (like HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, POP, IMAP, etc.) and find out if they are responding or not.

Under the re-organized “Add New Monitor” menu, the feature can be reached by simply selecting “TCP Ports”.

After that, Uptime Robot will be displaying a list of pre-defined/popular ports and the ability to define a custom port.


There are usually 2 status options while monitoring a service, it can be:

  • up
  • or down

However, there is a 3rd option from Uptime Robot‘s point of view: it can also be filtered/firewalled. Simply, it can be up or down but the status can not be detected as any requests (like Uptime Robot does) are blocked.

Good news is; if the port/service is behind a firewall and blocks any requests, inside the “down” e-mail notification, you’ll see that Uptime Robot mentions this information.

So, if you have the chance of whitelisting IPs that can reach to the port. If you prefer to, whitelisting Uptime Robot‘s IPs would help the monitor to work (IPs can be found in the “About” page.).

Hope you like this new feature and, now, we can focus on some more tasty stuff : )

21 replies on “New Feature – Monitoring Ports”

It’s still hard to believe that this is a free service. I love the fact that you guys add on a new feature every couple of weeks! Thanks a ton guys!

Great development!
I hope we could have more than 100 sites to track and this remains free. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thumbs up!! 5 Stars, i’m sure you’ll get 8 PR on Google really soon, and you’re doing an amazing job!

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! Thank you!

Now… is anyone working on an iphone app? ๐Ÿ™‚ Because that would be freaking awesome…

Hey There, just started using your service. Looks great so far. One addition that would be helpful for me and also help you advertise for free would be little widgets or buttons similar to that show uptime and link back to Making these look and function great could get you a free advertising spot on many of the websites you track! I know I’d post them up. =)

Thanks for your service,
– Andrew


We’ll definitely be adding a widget option. ALso, with the to-be-released-API, anyone can code custom widgets too.

I have added a custom PORT 783 to monitor, I have also Allowed this port from my server Firewall but uptimeronot still showing it Offline.

I have doubled check everything but its not working at all.

How to fix this issue?

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