New Feature: View Past Events/Logs

If you every want to find out the date-time of a specific downtime or how long it had taken, the only option was to check the date-times of the notifications sent (from e-mails- tweets, text messages or RSS).

Here is a new feature which is asked most by Uptime Robot users: “ability to view past events/logs”.

The past events can be reached from a new (statistics) icon in the “My Monitors” page.

Once clicked, it’ll display every detail -including up, down, paused, started events- for the last 2 months (for now).

Also, with the help of an “info icon” you can find out “the alert contacts notified”.

And, all of this wrapped up in an easy-to-use Ajaxed interface.

P.S. This is actually the 1st part of the statistics and reporting module being built. Expect much more soon!

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This is awesome …. definitely welcome. Your facility is the best around – free, comprehensive and utterly reliable. The multiple methods of alerts are excellent, and having a log of alerts to show to clients completes the request list for me … many thanks indeed!

I wanted to thank you for your awesome tool. It has been excellent for me. One request though:
Could you do a monthly email with a summary of the uptime, reason is i never come to the site to login but it would be really useful.

Hi again, is there the facility to output that log, as a spreadsheet or other format? That would be incredibly useful as a feature. Many thanks again.

Daily, weekly and monthly e-mail reports are “coming soon”.

Exporting logs is also in our to-do-list for stats/reports. Expect it to be launched within few weeks.

I think you have a problem with the display paging. My event display shows 10 events on page 1, with no page 2, but I’m almost certain there was an 11th even within the two month limit.

Apart from that, it’s a great service, and I think you should at least have a PayPal donation button on your homepage.


Thanks for the service. One query though… One of my monitors is showing UP consistently, but it’s always red, not green.


– Martin

The display issue should be fixed by now.

Tested on a 11 records scenario and the result was “ok”. Will try other tests and if there is anything problematic, will be updating here.

We’re working on a REST API.

Can you send a support ticket to with the details (the monitor URL). We’ll be checking that.


Reading through the posts and links on other sites about the service. I see no help or faq pages here and have a couple of questions before I sign up. I would just send to support but figure a lot of new users may like to have this answer.

1. Is there any install required on a computer using the online tools? Some services require an activex install.

2. If I decide to signup what kind of information do I need to provide?

Thanks from a possible future user.


Thanks for the questions and Uptime Robot is very plain in these areas as well:
1. No install is required
2. Name, e-mail and password is enough for the signup


I also read the blog about millions of records.

Just a thought, could you not put an option for users to delete history that is say more than a year old or time frame of their own choice?

Also could you not give users an option to lengthen the time between checks. For an example I would be happy with 15 minutes on some sites and even options for 30 minutes on others.

I just signed up a few minutes ago but have not setup yet.

Will reply to another post later with thoughts as I use it.



Rather than deleting logs, we are planning to implement a timeframe feature where users can choose to view the logs of that timeframe. And, if needed view the others when needed.

Custom monitoring intervals is also in our to-do-list.


You can export to. “pdf” and / or “. csv” (for Excel) a report containing a set time interval?

Have you thought about a widget to promote their services on websites and blogs?

Best wishes


We’ll definitely be adding a widget option. ALso, with the to-be-released-API, anyone can code custom widgets too.

Better and advanced reports is in our to-do-list as well.

Hi Mauricio,

could you please specify what you have in mind? We will be happy to take a look at it. Do you mean logs of every request? This is not planned, unfortunately.

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