(Another) New Monitoring IP (important for monitors behind a firewall)

Tip: While using Uptime Robot until now, if you didn't need to do anything with the IPs of the service, then feel free to skip this post. Actually 99.9% of the users don't need this info.

Around a month ago, we had shared that a new IP was added to our engine to strengthen the system.

However, we experienced that, rather than distributing the engine into small pieces (servers), distributing it into huge ones will end up in a much better performance -what were we thinking: )-.

And now, we have that huge engine ready and will be activated by 11 January 2011 and some other IPs will become obsolete.

Until now, if you had whitelisted (or blacklisted) the IPs of Uptime Robot, please add:

  • into your list as the new IP.

Also, starting by 1 February 2011:

  • will no longer be in use.

Please feel free to ask anything in the comments or as a support ticket (

P.S. All IPs used can be found in the About page.

11 replies on “(Another) New Monitoring IP (important for monitors behind a firewall)”

That’s not the plan for now but don’t know if this changes in the future.

We had a bug in ping monitoring that sent false-positives but totally fixed now.
Yes, we’ll be adding port checks.

I also get false positives as a server in the route to the server I am monitoring via a ping sends a ping back if the server isn’t reachable – Perhaps you could implement something to ensure the IP of the ping is the same as the IP being monitored?


Yes, we’ll be adding the IPv6 update. Working on a big update that will include several other features too (otherwise, the IPv6 support is actually “on” in our test server).

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