UptimeRobot August 2021 Update: Configurable Timeout, support improvements and Plesk extension

We’ve been busy this summer and introduced two new features last month – longer intervals and a grace period for recurring jobs monitoring (Heartbeat monitors). There is some good news this month too, so let’s get right into it! 

Configurable Timeout

Are you monitoring your website’s response time? As an important part of advanced monitoring, this feature lets you set up a custom timeout in which we’re supposed to receive a response. 

We’ll let you know if there’s no response in 1 – 60 seconds, according to your settings, so you can improve the very important speed of your website.

Support improvements and team growth

Great support is one of the most important pillars of our service that we want to provide to all of our users. To follow up on it, we managed to do several things last month. 

We changed our support system to a more comprehensive one provided by We’re very happy with all of the functionality, including the new chat widget and better ticket management. 


It also gives us the possibility to set up a knowledge base (will be ready soon), so you’ll always have all the useful information on hand, right in the app. And there are many more useful features we will continue to explore and integrate into UptimeRobot if we see fit.

We also welcomed 4 new members to our growing support team to ensure better and faster support while covering more time zones. Say hi to Michal R., Michal S., Vanessa and Andre the next time you start a chat!

Plesk extension

Last but not least, we renewed our cooperation with Plesk, the leading WebOps hosting platform to run and grow websites and hosting businesses, and are offering an official UptimeRobot Plesk extension through their integrated extension store. 

As always, don’t forget to share your thoughts on these updates in the comments section below or at! We’d love to hear from you. 

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day, enjoy the rest of it! 

Written by Kristian Kusenda

Marketing and Content Specialist | LinkedIn

Kristian brings a blend of technical expertise and creative flair to his role as Marketing and Content Specialist at UptimeRobot. He has a background working for global tech companies and several years of experience in the blockchain industry as a community manager and copywriter.

5 replies on “UptimeRobot August 2021 Update: Configurable Timeout, support improvements and Plesk extension”

Still waiting for an API to create status entries on the public status pages (PSP). I hope this will be released soon 🙂

Question, currently have UptimeRobot app on iphone. I am unable to mass delete notifications.
If and ISP bounced up and down for an hour, I get 50+ notifications and can’t delete them all at once, I have to manually clear each notification.
Please help.

I pay a plan annually, I would like to be able to create my own translation of the texts into Brazilian Portuguese. It would be great if the texts were variable and users (at least on paid plans) could translate the texts.

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