We are throttling monitors

In recent times our balancers have been fluctuating to keep up the capacity. So, we had to make a few adjustments to assist with the full functionality of our service to you.

We have been forced to limit the functionality of monitors and run them in “keep-alive-only” mode.

Keep-alive mode

That means you are still able to run these monitors and keep alive your replits.

However, we do no not check for their status and neither send you any notifications of their incidents.

If you need to check the status and be notified about incidents, we suggest upgrading to our PRO Plan as it provides the full functionality even for these problematic / high volatility domains.

This is no fault of anyone, just the commitment to offer our service on a broader spectrum to your needs.

Written by Frantisek - Product owner

UI/UX, ex-Product owner | LinkedIn

Frantisek Vrab is a UI/UX designer He has also served his time as the Product Owner at UptimeRobot, during which he lead the development and design of our new status pages and mobile app. Currently he works and leads the development and design of our new web app. Frantisek focuses on usability and design of all products at UptimeRobot and the whole itrinity, s.r.o. portfolio (Mangools, WarmUpInbox, EmailListVerify).

Frantisek has valuable creative and technical skills. He has been instrumental in creating a fresh brand identity for UptimeRobot through his innovative design and thoughtful usability strategies. Guided by a philosophy of continuous improvement, Frantisek consistently strives to enhance every project he undertakes.

Aside from his professional endeavours, Frantisek is a passionate advocate for ecology and has a deep love for nature. He enjoys biking and sustainable living. His well-rounded personality combined with his professional skills make him an invaluable asset to UptimeRobot team.

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