Showcase reliability with a hosted status page.

Share incidents and maintenance with your users through hosted status pages and decent e-mails.

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Improve your company's experience.

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Fewer support tickets

Increase response speed during incidents and protect your team from overload – focusing on what's important.

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Improved user trust and relationships

Strengthen your relationships with users by demonstrating your commitment to actively addressing incidents.

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Avoid bad reviews on social media

Things happen – inform all users before they inform everyone else on different platforms and review portals.

Keep everyone informed.

Notify your users about maintenance and incidents.

Enhance the credibility of your service. Decent e-mail notifications from your status page are an excellent way to deliver important details to your customers. They’ll be prepared, and more likely to stay tuned.

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Customize your status page with branding.

Maintain customer trust and enhance recognition during incidents with complete control over your status page's layout, themes, logos, colors, and fonts.

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Status page with all you need.

IncludedResponse times

Share response times so users can see that you strive to be as fast as possible.

IncludedCustom domain

Set up the status page on your own domain, like

IncludedPrivate status page

Hide your status page from search engine results and protect it with a password.


Share updates and details about resolved incidents and planned maintenance on your status page.

IncludedStatus page Analytics

Add your Google Analytics code if you have set up a custom domain to track the traffic to your status page.

IncludedDecide what to share

Show or hide details like bar charts, uptime percentage, monitored URLs, or hide paused monitors.

Easy setup: 4 clicks to create a status page.

1. Create status page

All you need to do is name your status page. Optionally, you can add a custom domain and choose a layout.

2. Add your monitors

Select desired monitors to display on a status page one by one or in a bulk.

3. Edit anytime

Come back anytime to add a logo, edit visuals, or add / remove monitors.

Upgrade incident communication for your customers and team. Set up your status page now.

Create Status page now

Do more with your status page.

Unlock the full potential of your status page and leverage every option to maximize efficiency and save costs with UptimeRobot.

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Use API to manage status pages

API allows you to work with your service status page - get the status page details, add or remove monitors, list all status pages, sort them, get the status, add a password, and more!

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Invite anyone in team to collaborate

Add users to your account with notify-only or login access. This feature enables seamless collaboration among colleagues, allowing them to manage status pages and add recent updates.

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Status page for different monitors

Add as many monitors to your status pages as you wish, no matter if it’s a website, server, keyword SSL certificate, port, or cron job monitor. Specify the order alphabetically or by status.

What users love about our status pages.

Dean C., Senior Software Engineer
5 stars rating

Great experience so far

Return on investment is great. We can setup our own status pages with both public and internal ones being able to show us different details.

Roberto B., Executive Vice President
5 stars rating

Simple and precious

The public status page is the best I have found for this price, you can set custom logo and custom domain and it is https. Other services claims to have powerful status pages but they are cumbersome or expensive.

Lee E., Director of Information Technology
5 stars rating

Simple and affordable

I like the public status page. There is a decent selection of monitor types and settings to help cutdown on false positives. Solid little mobile app.

Get inspired by the uses cases.

IncludedImproved internal team communication and incident management

IncludedMonitoring third-party dependencie and endpoints that you depend on

IncludedUsing status pages and reports for SLA compliance with your partners

We were able to replace a legacy monitoring system with UptimeRobot’s intuitive to configure tests, modern dashboards, and elegant status pages.

UptimeRobot helps us to provide reliable Cyberinfrastructure to researchers from diverse domains including computer science, geoscience, ecology, precision medicine, bioinformatics, public health, and political science.

Kate Kaya, University of California, San Diego

Frequently asked questions.

  • What is a status page?

    A status page, also known as a status dashboard, allows you to showcase your uptime and keep everyone updated. This helps to build trust and display your reliability while simultaneously protecting your reputation.
    Customers can either find updates on your status page or subscribe to updates via email.

  • What are the types of status pages?

    The two main types of status pages are public status pages and internal status pages. You can also create a public or internal SLA status page.
    Public status pages not only reduce the burden on your support team but also keep your users well-informed. Meanwhile, internal status pages can improve your team's collaboration.

  • How can I customize the status page?

    Use the customization options to add branding to your status page. Adjust your status page settings to show or hide the details and URLs that you want. Personalize the status page by adding your logo, fonts, and color scheme.

  • How can I update my customers?

    Send live updates to your users via email every time you share an update on your status page. You can enable or disable this feature in your settings and allow users to subscribe to your updates directly through your status page.

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