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Top 10 Must-Read DevOps Blogs

In the rapidly evolving field of DevOps, staying on top of the latest trends, tools, and best practices is not just a recommendation, it’s a necessity!

For those leveraging UptimeRobot to monitor their cloud infrastructure and services, you are likely already familiar with the value of real-time insights for effective DevOps practices. Yet, the tools are just a piece of the puzzle.

A solid foundation in the DevOps journey requires reliable and curated resources for continuous learning and improvement.

So, sit back while we guide you through some of the best DevOps blogs and websites that offer valuable information for both seasoned DevOps engineers and newcomers to the field.

Why DevOps Blogs and Websites Matter

Keeping Up with DevOps Practices

DevOps is characterized by its fast-paced nature, making it imperative for DevOps engineers and software developers to stay updated on evolving best DevOps practices.

Whether it’s continuous integration, continuous delivery, or infrastructure automation, blogs and websites serve as great resources for the latest advancements and practical implementations in the industry.

Learning about New DevOps Tools and Technologies

In an age where cloud services and cloud computing are integral to DevOps, staying informed about the newest tools is vital.

Whether you are interested in open-source tools for machine learning or seeking solutions for performance issues, DevOps blogs frequently discuss new features and tools that can optimize your code quality and deployment strategies.

Community Engagement and Networking in the DevOps Community

Networking and community engagement are cornerstones of DevOps culture. DevOps blogs and websites often feature guest posts from industry experts and offer forums where DevOps teams can discuss challenges and solutions.

Following blogs not only enriches your understanding but also opens doors for networking opportunities across different industry verticals.

Career Growth and Personal Development

Whether you’re a DevOps engineer looking to specialize in security or you’re part of an organization interested in agile practices, these blogs and websites provide insights into career pathways and growth opportunities.

To summarize, DevOps blogs and websites are invaluable for anyone in the DevOps community.

They provide up-to-date information on everything from cloud infrastructure and software development processes to insights on automation, monitoring, and testing.

So, if you’re keen to stay ahead of the curve, read on as we introduce you to some of the best DevOps blogs you should consider following.

10 of the Best DevOps Blogs

1. Sourced Group

The Sourced Group blog offers specialized insights into cloud consulting, emphasizing how large enterprises can transition to cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Their posts often explore the intricacies of cloud infrastructure, security, and automation, making it a must-read for DevOps professionals working on large-scale cloud migration projects.

Notable posts:

A Framework for Test Automation

Five Tips to Avoid Cloud Migration Failure

What is Azure Devops?

2. DevOpsCube

DevOpsCube stands out for its comprehensive tutorials and how-to guides aimed at DevOps beginners and experts alike.

The blog covers various DevOps tools, continuous integration techniques, and automation practices.

Whether you’re troubleshooting performance issues or interested in infrastructure as code, DevOpsCube has a rich set of resources for you.

Notable posts:

How to Setup an Elasticsearch Cluster

Docker Machine Tutorial

Learning CI/CD Tools

3. Atlassian

Known for its suite of software development and collaboration tools, Atlassian’s blog offers more than just product news.

It explores the best practices in agile development, DevOps culture, and team collaboration.

If you’re looking for insights into how organizational practices can affect DevOps performance, Atlassian’s blog is an excellent resource.

Notable posts:

4 Key Ways to Step Up Your DevOps Game

What’s the Foundation of DevOps Success?

The Importance of Traceability

4. iHeavy

iHeavy offers deep dives into the world of database management, particularly focusing on cloud solutions and services.

While it might not cover the entire DevOps spectrum, it provides essential information on database scaling, security, and performance – critical aspects for any DevOps engineer concerned with data management.

Notable posts:

Is There a Serious Skills Shortage Around DevOps Space?

Deploy WordPress on AWS

The 4 Letter Word Dividing Dev and Ops


As one of the most renowned blogs in the DevOps community, offers a wide array of topics ranging from continuous delivery to the latest industry trends.

With guest posts from DevOps experts and detailed case studies, it’s a rich resource for understanding the practical implementations of DevOps practices.

Notable posts and podcasts:

AI and the Future of Software Development

5 Great DevOps Job Opportunities

3 Ways to Achieve Faster App Development Without Compromising Security

6. The New Stack

The New Stack provides articles, podcasts, and newsletters focusing on new stacks and how they impact the DevOps landscape.

From cloud-native technologies to container orchestration, The New Stack offers a well-rounded view of the DevOps world and frequently features posts from industry experts.

Notable posts and podcasts:

Kubernetes Building Blocks

Apache Flink for Real Time Data Analysis

SRE vs. DevOps vs. Platform Engineering

7. DZone

DZone offers a mix of tutorials, feature lists, and opinion pieces aimed at DevOps professionals.

It is particularly good for those interested in continuous integration and deployment, as it often covers the most recent tools and strategies in these areas.

Notable posts:

What is GitOps?

Supercharge Your Software Development Journey with DevOps, CI/CD, and Containers

The Tops Cybersecurity Risks in Agile Software Development

8. DevOps SubReddit

The DevOps SubReddit is not exactly a blog, it’s a community. Here, you can find discussions, questions, and shared resources that range from beginner’s guides to in-depth tutorials.

It’s a fantastic place for networking and getting real-world advice from fellow DevOps professionals. Check out the top posts of all time for some interesting reading.

9. Azure DevOps Blog

For those committed to Microsoft’s Azure platform, the Azure DevOps Blog is a go-to resource.

It offers detailed articles on Azure services, cloud computing, and best practices for deploying code and managing cloud infrastructure.

It also provides updates on Azure features, making it vital for anyone using this cloud service.

Notable posts:

Use Power Automate to Update Azure DevOps Queries

Public Preview of Workload Identity Federation for Azure Pipelines

Introducing Azure Artifacts support for Rust Crates


ByteByteGo focuses on software development practices, particularly in a DevOps context.

The newsletter covers a variety of topics, including code quality, tool selection, and industry best practices. 

While it may not exclusively focus on DevOps, its software-centric viewpoint offers valuable information for DevOps teams and software developers alike.

Notable posts:

Cloud Services Cheat Sheet

Mastering the Art of API Design

DevOps Books

How to Make the Most of These Resources

Now that you’ve been introduced to these fantastic DevOps resources, how do you make the most of them? Here are a few pointers:

Subscribe, interact, and stay engaged: DevOps blogs and websites are not just one-way streets of information.

Many of these platforms have interactive communities where you can pose questions, share your own experiences, and even network with industry experts.

Balance between theory and practice: It’s easy to get caught up reading interesting articles and forget to apply the knowledge.

Always keep an eye out for practical implementations you can apply to your work, especially when it comes to integrating tools like UptimeRobot into your DevOps practices.

Set aside regular time for reading and learning: It’s a fast-moving world, and to stay updated, it’s advisable to dedicate time regularly to consume these resources.

It could be an hour every weekend or 15 minutes before starting your workday, find what works for you and stick to it.

Best DevOps Courses

Blogs may be a great way to stay informed and learn more, but courses can provide more depth and hands-on learning in ways that blogs can’t. If you’d like to grow your skills, consider checking out these courses.

The DevOps Essentials – The Handbook

Dive deep into the principles and practices of DevOps with this Udemy course based on the influential The DevOps Handbook. Learn about continuous delivery, automation, and integrating development and operations for improved workflows and productivity.

LX301 Linux Academy DevOps Training

Perfect for beginners, this Linux Academy course covers the basics of DevOps practices and tools. It offers a strong foundation in understanding the DevOps culture, automation, source code management, and continuous integration, all within the context of Linux environments.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Level

Aimed at individuals who are already familiar with AWS, this course from PluralSight prepares you for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer exam. It covers deployment, operations, and management on AWS, making it perfect for those looking to specialize in cloud-based DevOps.

Best DevOps Communities

While courses provide structured learning, communities offer dynamic, peer-driven insights and support. Participating in active DevOps communities is excellent for staying up-to-date with the latest trends, seeking advice, and networking. Here are some of the best DevOps communities to consider joining.

DevOps Institute

The DevOps Institute is a global community focused on advancing the human elements of DevOps. It offers resources, certifications, educational content, and a space for members to connect and share ideas. This community is ideal for professionals looking to grow their skills and network with like-minded individuals.

You can find them on LinkedIn, X, and other social media platforms. Community

Spinnaker is an open-source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform used by many DevOps teams. The community provides a platform for users to collaborate, share best practices, and improve the tool. It’s an excellent place for those specifically interested in deployment and delivery automation.

Docker Community

Docker, a vital tool in the DevOps arsenal, has a vibrant community of users and contributors. Joining the Docker Community offers access to forums, user groups, live events, and content tailored to all experience levels. It’s a great way to learn from real-world scenarios and connect with experts.

Final Words

This article aims to guide you through some of the best DevOps blogs and websites you can follow to stay ahead of the curve.

Interact with the community, apply the learnings to your daily tasks, and see how it transforms your career and project outcomes.

And if you’re on Discord, don’t forget to join us! You can chat with the UptimeRobot team and other users, get support, share things you built, and discuss different tech and non-tech questions.

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