Dropping SSL 3.0 Support for Monitors

You’ll remember that SSL 3.0 is no longer secure since October 2014 with the discovery of Poodle attack. And, it is also disabled by default on all popular browsers.

On the other hand, there are still a small number of websites that support SSL 3.0 (which must definitely be disabled).

Starting tomorrow (6 April 2016), we’ll also be dropping support on sending SSL 3.0 compatible requests which will make the monitoring “not function” for those websites (a website’s SSL 3.0 support can be checked from SSL Labs).

Once Uptime Robot detects that a website requires SSL 3.0 for HTTPs communication, it’ll not mark the monitor as down but pause it and notify the user via e-mail with the information for taking action.

 P.S> Disable SSLv3 is a nice website that shares “web server specific information” regarding “how to disable SSL 3.0”

3 replies on “Dropping SSL 3.0 Support for Monitors”

That is a good move.
I hope now the reports from UpTime robots will be more accurate. It was much needed and I welcome UpTime robot’s decision for dropping SSL 3.0.

Okk, No problem . It is good for the safety and security purposes to drop SSL 3.0. This Poodle Attack is very dangerous as i have read it online after seeing this post here. Thanks for information provided.

SSL ( Secure socket layer) plays an important role in the security of web services but if we have good substute for it. We can substitute it. As described it is the affected by Poodle attack then i think its better to replace it with something new.

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