New! Uptime Robot Mobile App (For iPhone and Android)

Great news! Uptime Robot now has an official mobile app.

Last updated on 16th February 2021: We introduced a completely new and redesigned UptimeRobot App for iOS and Android

The app allows performing the most critical actions (add/edit/delete monitors, view stats) and it supports push notifications.

Uptime Robot App

The app will be improved regularly and missing features/actions will be added in the next weeks (like “creating alert contacts”).

How do push notifications work?

Once logged in to the app, it simply:

  • asks for a “friendly name” for the mobile device
  • and creates a “mobile alert contact” with that name.

And, the rest works just the same as other alert contacts so that you can get alerted via push notifications only for the monitors you prefer.

Get the app

The app can be downloaded from:

Hope that you like it and it helps for better uptime.

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Thanks, works great on my Moto G4.
The App however needs some minor accessibility tweaks to work better with Talkback and VoiceOver screen readers. For example after entering the login credencials, The actual login button is not labeled and thus not correctly recogniced by talkback.

Thanks so much for such a great feedback and we’ll be checking/fixing it for the upgrade.

would be great if it’s possible to login in the app with different credentials.

I have my email / password and I manage monitors and alerts.

I wanna give other people the possibility to get push alerts BUT without the possibility to modify everything

It would be great to have a Windows 10 UWA for Uptime Robot! Using the same app on my Windows 10 Mobile device and Windows 10 Computers would be great!

Yes please Windows Phone! Microsoft has made it much easier with UWP. I don’t know the ins and outs of your app but it seems like it should be a pretty straight forward conversion. It is even easier now since the Windows 10 Anniversary update that just came out recently. I am sure you have seen these but just in case. 😀

Thank you for this app. I installed it and have a suggestion for you.

I want to have it notify me through my Pushover account, I don;t see where I assign it to do this OR even a “Test” button somewhere so I can test and verify that it will send and alert to me.

I could not find a help section to explain if I am setting this up correctly.


Once you created the Pushover alert contact (in the web dashboard), you can attach it to the monitors of your choice through the “add/edit monitor dialogs” (both in mobile and web).

No “test feature” yet, sorry.

The app is very timely as we were talking about the possibilities last week. It is working really well.
Great job, thanks.

We look forward to Simon’s suggestion 🙂


App works fine on my HTC M8. However I have multiple accounts with you. Any chance of supporting more than one account in the application?


Very unpleasant, I posted an answer yesterday to ask if it was the case now because I have 3 accounts for 3 customers and I do not see anything related in the app and the message disappeared!

Is the author of the message worried about the fact that he answered in 2016 and we are in 2018 ?

Do not worry ! you are providing a free service, this is fine ! I am just very interested to get this on my app better than emails …

OK got is … It is indicated Awaiting moderation … I suppose that as I posted from another computer but signed with same email adresse then you identified me and showed me the message … good job !

MAGIC! Well Done You Guys!
You really should have a Donate Button for those on the Free Plan to show there appreciation.

Raymond “Ray” Day

It is even so nice that you thought about this.

Anyone staying as a free user is still great.

Great idea Raymond! I don’t need a monthly paid plan yet but I sure wouldn’t mind throwing a little money to UptimeRobot for a great service.

Login to my account not work via ios app… I have ios6

Via website i log-in correctly… With same email and password…

I must make new account or only PRO account work???

We have fixed a bug that effected the login for some accounts. Can you retry?

P.S> The app is available for free and pro plans.

Login to my account not work via ios app… I have ios6

Via website i log-in correctly… With same email and password…

I must make new account or only PRO account work???

Great app! Thanks.

I’d like to have ability to connect few profiles (accounts) – for work and for private usage.
It could be done by treating mobile app as generic alert contact indentified by something that could be connected to any profile (like e-mail, SMS).

Thank you for the app, it’s a great improvement.

One small bug report: If the name of a monitor contains “[” or “]”, those characters are shown in the Home section as “[” and “]” — I imagine there are similar issues for other symbols too.

Damn, I think my comment got unescaped. That second “[” should read as “ampersand hash 0 9 1 semicolon” for example — Hopefully you get what I’m saying.

Does the app have a Apple Watch extension for notifications?
I use the iOS Boxcar app for notifications from Uptime Robot and it’s really useful to quickly get a notification on the watch if a monitor goes does.


It seems that you cannot create an account directly in the app. When you tick the reCAPTCHA checkbox, it says you must have a compatible browser.
I have CM13 (Android 6.0.1).


The captcha seems not to work on some versions. We’ll be finding an alternative method for the next version.

Carry out the monitoring of my particular site.
And make the monitoring of several sites of my work, these are membership managed by an API. How can I insert it in the app.

Doesn’t adding the monitors manually from mobile or web help (I may have misunderstood the question, sorry in advance)?

I just installed on my iPhone and it works, but there was no specification of a friendly name and there’s no additional contact created for alerting.

That is very interesting, it normally must have asked for it.

Does the iPhone have any special detail (jailbroken, etc.)?

It normally saves them by default. Can I suggest re-installing to check if this changes anything?

Can you re-check? It is set to be available on every market (I can see it on a non-US market).

Don’t forget us Windows Phone users!
That’s from a happy user – Uptime Robot has kept me on top of website outages far more quickly than I’ve every been

Nice job on the iOS app! If I could give one suggestion: Provide a way to launch the monitor URL in Safari/other browser app. The first thing I want to do when I get a down alert via SMS is click the link and check it out for myself. The notification from the iOS app works great, there’s just no way to link to the monitor URL, which keeps me using SMS and Pushbullet for receiving the notifications for now. Great job though on the app!


Thanks for the app it’s great – however, i don’t seem to be able to edit monitors properly with it.

For example, if I click on a monitor and then click gear icon (edit) then change alert contacts and save monitor i get a message “Parameter is not valid” (I get this even if I make no changes, but click save!


We would love to check that on our test environment. Can you let us ( know the details?

Is it an idea to implement a setting to use alarm sounds instead of notification sounds (on Android) so it’s possible to get notified when the normal sound of the phone is silenced, but alarms are allowed?

To be honest, the app had no intro and I thought it was a little sub-par to say the least, including little information on the app store description.

Only when I logged back in online I was super surprised to see that I had a new alert type: my phone!

I let a test server take a nap and bam – push alerts working like a snap. Insanely easy and clearly designed technologically well. The only problem is that everything works so seamlessly I literally had no idea of its capabilities.

So good to hear that you like it.

To be honest, this is the 1st app we ever created and we learned a lot on the way. We’ll definitely be making it better and better.

I have one suggestion for the app.
Group Monitor feature. Possible to grouping monitoring by name (project name).

Is there a plan for making a widget for the app on iphone notification center? It would be very helpfull for instant view.

Hi Javi, it’s not available yet, unfortunately. But it’s planned and we’ll start working on it soon.

Hi Tobias, I am sorry but there are no updates at the moment regarding the widget.

Is it possible to make donation to you, i would really like to show my appreciation for your excellent work.

Guys. Your service is the best. It gives so much useful information. I am glad to find out that in the long run (1 month or 3 months), the up-time of my website is 99.9%! 🙂

Keep up the good work!

It is even better, now that the mobile app has come into existence… 😀

Hope that you guys are able to provide this service for free, forever! 😉

I might donate to you guys someday, when I am earning.

Thank you.

I would love to see a Regex search capability to “step up” the text search. I monitor a site to verify multiple entries in a table. It works to some degree now, but would be stellar with a more robust search feature.

I really need this app to sound an alarm rather thank just a quiet push notification when something is down…I am a paying customer.


I just installed this app on an iPad running iOS 10.2, and I am experience a non-response from the Dashboard after clicking “Down” from the “All | Down | Paused” options. Once that is clicked, the Down busy icon is set spinning in the circle above, and that page of the App becomes non-responsive. I can move off to Search, Favourites and Settings, but going back to Dashboard just shows the spinning icon still. Also, I also just noticed that when in this state, and I click “Down” from the (empty) Favourites screen, the App shuts down. By the way, in this scenario I’ve just described, none of the 95 sites are actually down. I was just experimenting with leaving the down view on screen. Thanks for any help with this very helpful app.

I really like the app (we’re paying customers, around 5-6 at work use it)… Simple, useful and to the point.

It seems, like some others, that the app does not keep the credentials. It sometimes logs off, for some reasons. It happens semi randomly as far as I can tell, or there’s a trigger I don’t understand.

If there’s a feature I’d like to see is to be able to group “sensors”, in the web interface and in the app. We have over 100 sensors and managing them one by one gets tedious 🙂

Keep up the good work!

Tv mode and mobile apps are real nice additions which seem to be adding more value to this nice product. Good work!

Hi, it seems that lately the push messages are not working properly via the android app.
Also the app keeps logging out and asking me to log in all the time.
I have added an extra notification channel (pushover) and also that does not seem to work.
Please advise, i need this to be reliable.
Thanks and regards

Feature Request and Bug:
1. When Server down the Uptime Robot APK show Alert Box, but no Sound.
Please add feature to trigger Sound.

2. Login to UptimeRobot APK, then Close UptimeRobot APK using Android Apk Close (press LEFT BUTTON then click X button). Open again UptimeRobot, choose Monitor, try to Start/Paused a monitor …then UptimeRobot ask for username/password again

3. Please remove Logout button on UptimeRobot APK because in APK we use Close App (by Left Button then Swipe Up or press X )

I have set correct time zone on uptimerobot website, but the android app still have wrong time zone. How can I set the time zone on uptimerobot android app?

Great App but I’m concerned that each time I log into the app it requires me to sign-in. Cant it save my credentials permanently?

Awesome app!

Only thing it’s missing is “continual” downtime notifications. Once the app is opened, the notifications are cleared. It would be nice to have a persistent notification on the app for the number of apps that are down.

Android App v 1.3.2 logs out after app is closed or left logged in for more than 5 mins. Is this a limitation if free version?

The iOS app is great, It’s UI need fixing, On iOS 12 when we click on notifications, it gets me to the login page and I have to enter the login credential every time.

iOS App only allows a single device to be logged in at one time.

This is creating huge issues for me because I only get push notifications on the device that was signed in last.

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