HipChat and Slack Integrations – Yay!

Chat rooms were widely used in the early days of the internet, instant messengers replaced them afterwards and they are getting popular again with a much focused use: team communication.

It is really handy to have all the members of a team talk to each other at the same place and have all that info saved (for searching later on).

HipChat and Slack

HipChat and Slack are 2 of the most popular apps in that area and Uptime Robot now integrates into both.

By simply adding an alert contact (My Settings>Add Alert Contact>Alert Contact Type>HipChat or Slack), it is now possible to get a message to the room/channel of your preference once a monitor gets down or up.

Such a usage not only makes sure that everyone in the team knows how the related project’s uptime is performing but also removes any confusions about the connectivity to the related project’s URL(s).

P.S. HipChat’s self-hosted HipChat Server is supported as well


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I got it integrate in my self hosted hipchat and it say

3:50 PM
An Uptime Robot alert contact is now successfully added for this room/user.
You joined the room

But I just had a downtime and no message in chat from the uptimerobot.

Any ideas?

The alert contact needs to be attached to the monitor (from the “Edit Monitor”) dialog and it shall work fine afterwards.

Very nice addition! Can I also suggest support for the same feature on IRC. It may be less hipster, but it’s still widely used.

Keep up the great work, guys!

Thanks for the chat integration.
We’re using the free instead of slack and it would be glad, when you support as well.

I get this error: “Couldn’t communicate with the HipChat API. Please refresh the current page and try again.”

Any help plse ?


Is it possible to add “@channel” to the message sent to slack-channel? It would be very nice to alert people. Thanks

What is the “Custom Value” setting for on slack integrations? I have a slack webhook URL, but I don’t want to send the message to the default channel. Normally when calling a slack webhook I can include a JSON payload to change the username and channel if I want instead of using the default. I tried putting JSON and other things in this field and all it does is notify the default channel for the hook.

The custom value can be any text that you prefer to add to the end of the notifications.

We’ll very soon add an option to mention a custom channel in Slack alert contacts.

My uptimerobot don’t send messages to slack after intergrated slack, but the confirm message for intergration successful was got.

Please make sure that this alert contact is attached to the monitors using the add/edit monitor dialogs.

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