Introducing “Uptime Robot Pro” (for 1-minute checks and/or more monitors)

Uptime Robot, a project that have started out of curiosity 5+ years ago, has now grown so much.

Since the last year, we are a full-time team working on it, providing fast support and trying very hard to keep the service simple, solid and modern.

In order to guarantee its future and keep offering a great monitoring experience, it became clear that Pro Plan is the way to go.

The Free Plan is still here

The Free Plan of “50 monitors checked every 5 minutes” (which you are currently using) is still here and stays untouched.

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is a very budget-friendly premium monitoring plan which comes with 3 additional features:

1-minute checking intervals for faster downtime detection
– (Optional) more monitors
– 1 year of log retention
You can check the pricing and purchase by logging-in + clicking the “Upgrade” link that can be found in the header or inside the “My Settings” page.

Additionally, you’ll see that there is now a “Pro SMS” feature which supports almost any mobile provider and can be used by purchasing SMS credits from the “My Settings” page (one-time credits come with each Pro Plan to experience it).

20% discount for early adopters

The Pro Plan pricing is currently 20% discounted for early adopters. By purchasing now, you’ll be locking the discount rate for future renewals and upgrades.

The future

We are working on introducing exciting new features (for both plans) and making the monitoring experience more solid than ever.

Please let us know any questions or suggestions you may have and we’ll be very happy to help.

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I’m using Uptimerobot for years and you guys had a great progress.

Not only that the service has became a core part of our projects but also helped us to become very proactive to any site problems.

I have just upgraded and hope that I’m the 1st Pro customer and very happy to have finally found a way to support you ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep up the great work.

So good to hear that Uptime Robot helps and thanks very much for the upgrade (sorry, not the 1st upgrade :)… but all users are very valuable for us and such support means a lot).

Great to see this new Pro plan being launched – it’s about time as you’ve been providing this excellent uptime monitor for free for the past few years! Having a 1-min uptime check interval is going to be very handy and the cost is reasonable too, so I’ve already just upgraded my account!



Thanks very much for the upgrade.

1-minute checks will definitely help detecting and reacting to downtimes much faster and hope that it’ll add value to your services as well.

I was always afraid that Uptime Robot could disappear one day because of being free and feeling much better that you’ll earn and stay here :).

Upgraded to Pro Plan, awesome prices and thanks for running such a cool service.

We were always here to stay but totally understand you.

With the Pro Plan, we will be making sure that it’ll still be improved and supported pretty fast.

Thx so much for the upgrade.

We’d be happy to upgrade to support the service going forward. Prices are quite reasonable as well in my opinion.

One question however: with the 1-minute check intervals, is there a way to set a threshold for alerts? e.g. only alert after service is down for 3 consecutive checks or so??

Thanks very much for the support and so good to see that prices look reasonable too.

Setting a threshold is a feature we are working on and planning to introduce in the next few weeks max.

Nice! I’m more than happy to pay for the service and the pricing is very reasonable.

If there’s room for feature requests: one thing I’m missing are reminders for monitors that are down. For instance a reminder every hour. Because I’m getting older and sometimes I forget I received a notification.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for the support and that is a feature we are working on besides few other notification-related improvements.

Hi, I have been using up-time robot for a few years completely free of charge. I am pleased to see that the free service is still available and hope you can keep this going as long as possible.

Personally I don’t need the 1 minute monitoring but have upgraded anyway because, I am so impressed with the service level and commitment of the up-time robot team.


One word… “bulk” … If pro came with a bulk import it would be worth the cost.

Looking at statuscake, just for that one reason, adding 50 sites by hand! Import via CSV that rejects duplicates would mean we can kep everything up to date.



After trying many alternatives (free and paid), you guys have the most easy to use interface and it is much more stable.

I will be upgrading in the next few minutes and wishing you best of luck.

Oh.. a feature request: it’d be very useful if we could have reset the monitor stats without deleting and recreating them.

The existing SMS messages are sent via free email-to-SMS gateways of the. providers who support it. And, they will work as before.

The Pro SMS is usually good for anyone whose mobile provider doesn’t have a free email-to-SMS gateway.

I have being using this site to monitor my sites, but I always have problem to manage between the two free accounts. Now I can make them under one account.

Yes, the intervals need to be changed (as you may not prefer all monitors to have 1-minute intervals).

You can either change the intervals one-by-one using the edit monitor dialog or via the bulk-actions menu (can be found just under the Add Monitor button).

Been using & loving UR for years now. But, I only ever have a few monitors. I would gladly pay just for 1 minute intervals on the few monitors I have, but even $54/a year seems high. I wish you had lower tier (I could do without SMS, less logs (6 mo), and 25 monitors) I would pay $24/year for that. Otherwise, I’ll just stay on the free plan with 5 minute intervals. Thanks!

Great to know that you like Uptime Robot.

Totally understand the concern regarding the price.

Although not sure if a smaller plan can happen in the future (there should usually be a minimum pricing/user for making payment charges, invoicing, etc. all meaningful) and, right now, this price was actually the lowest we could offer.

However, I’m taking this as a feedback and already added to the discussion notes.

Btw, seeing any user staying as a free plan user is still great for us.

I love Uptime Robot, have been using the service for years, and have written to support before asking you to charge me money ๐Ÿ™‚

The SMS “credit” model is really annoying, it’s really disappointing that you went with that, for the following reasons:

– the UR cost per SMS is more than 10x what your provider is probably charging you

– it’s annoying to have to even think about having credits – i want to pay for and set up a reliable service and forget about it

– what happens when i run out of credits? does UR stop informing me of downtime? this is crazy! there’s probably an auto-recharge option, which of course 100% of your users will want. so, then why not just make a nice package deal in the first place? why all this fuss with credits and recharging?

There are two competitors that do not have per-sms pricing: panopta for all levels and statuscake at the higher levels.

Please reconsider this — Uptime Robot has a fantastic reputation, and it’s clear to me from the product and the communications that it is made with love by a good team. You are selling security and peace of mind, charging exorbitant prices for batches of SMSes, which is required for the ability to communicate downtime, is not in line with that.

Thank you for Uptime Robot and thank you for listening.


That is a very valuable feedback, thanks very for much that and so good to see that you use/like the service.

I totally understand your points and we were actually aware of such a perception would/might happen for users who need the Pro SMS.

The things is, each and every day, less users need SMS. Almost everyone have a smartphone with a date plan and getting notifications via push messages is completely free and very stable (and Uptime Robot is integrated to various apps for that).

We could have made the SMS unlimited with pushing the prices a little higher. But, this wouldnโ€™t be fair to users who donโ€™t need SMS at all.

We chose the other route, added โ€œone-time credits to each plan so that users can test itโ€, purchase the Pro Plan for a good price and, if needed, add extra SMS credits.

We actually want users to make use of Push notification methods (which are always more stable and quick).

And, there is free email-to-SMS for providers who support it. To sum up, we donโ€™t plan to make money over SMS.. but some users need this feature.

And, SMS delivery has a serious support load (delivery issues mainly) which is the reason behind pricing/cost being high.

Personally, I understand that users may make a comparison with other services and may choose other services just because there is โ€œfree SMS includedโ€. But, hopefully, many users will choose switching to push notifications and get the Pro Plan for a great price. Or choose to pay for extra SMS credits as that will still make the sum better.

Additionally, weโ€™d love to lower SMS prices after experiencing its support load (real cost).

Btw, thanks so much again for this feedback as the service can only get better with such valuable info from users.

P.S. Still would love to hear the thoughts on the subject ๐Ÿ™‚

Your FAQs imply that the free Uptime service is no longer using the free SMS gateway. That is – no more SMS alerts if you have the free service. If so, is there any way to pay for SMS alerts while still using the free service?

We do use and enjoy UptimeRobot!

Free SMS is still available for both the Free and Pro plans.

The free SMS is now renamed as email-to-SMS to prevent confusion with Pro SMS.

I have been enjoying Uptime Robot for a while now. It provides a great value. I always thought I’d upgrade to a paid plan if it was ever offered.Unfortunately I am not going to do so, because Uptime Robot has been horrid lately. Many false positives, but it also either takes a really long time to notice a service/website/server is down. Then it will not notice it’s back up for a while either. I can not rely on this service and I will switch to something else. Since the problem has been going on for some time, I’m not sure you care or have plans do resolve it.

Hi Michael,

We would love to dig any issues you experience. Can you let us ( know the account details.

Sometimes, false-positives have a very simple reason (like a dynamic firewall) and can be detected/fixed pretty easily.

P.S: Additionally, within few days (probably this weekend), we’ll introducing a smarter downtime verification system.

You guys are great, I love this service, I’m glad to see you guys are finally charging, and you are still affordable. Other up-time monitoring services are ridiculously overpriced. I love that you guys don’t charge “per monitor”, or “per notification” (with the exception of your pro-sms) and instead you get an allotment of monitors, which allows me the freedom to play with different monitors without incurring some $15 charge. The day that I need more than your free offering, you guys would be the first I give my money to.

If you came up with another pricing level for enterprise, you could charge significantly more and still be affordable. The only feature that I think you need to get into enterprise would be the ability to administer an account through multiple users. I’m just a developer, and I am using my personal UptimeRobot account for tracking a few things at work. I would set up a generic account with a work email address, but having to share credentials is a bad practice and I would rather have everything come through me (as annoying as it is). We did shop around for other services, but they were over complicated, and over priced. But my employer would gladly have forked over hundreds of dollars if they had to. But considering what UptimeRobot already offered, I couldn’t endorse the use of any other service.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and thanks for all the fish!

That is so motivating to hear such thoughts :).

Multi-user support is definitely needed, it’ll ease the usage just like you mentioned. It is in the roadmap and shall be available by the end of Feb 2015 :).

Also good to hear that you like the simplicity of the service (which is something we spend serious effort in keeping so).

I’ve been using Uptime Robot for a few years (great service), and knew that eventually I’d need more than 50 monitors. If I upgrade now, will I be able to upgrade to more monitors when I need to and keep the discount?

Awesome to hear that you like it.

Exactly, once you upgrade now (to any plan you prefer) and keep the Pro Plan active, “the discount code is locked to the account” and will be active on all future upgrades.

I’m interested in 10 monitors for $1/month (1 minute interval) billed annually ($12). Is a plan like that possible? I am happy to support the project, but don’t need 50 monitors, and would like to pay less. Hope you can do that option.

That is a great suggestion yet there are “default costs for every account (like payments costs, invoicing, and -most importantly- support)”.

As Uptime Robot already had the “Free Plan with 50 monitors”, we tried finding the lowest price that’ll allow offering 1-min addition and help us run the business by offering amazing support (after all the standard costs).

Simply, for today, such a priced plan won’t make the business/service viable (but who knows what the future brings :)).

Many users (including you) had contacted us for an upgrade in the number of monitors in the past and we had upgraded the limits (mentioning that this feature can become paid one day).

Any accounts with 50+ monitors now need an upgrade to the Pro Plan to keep using the feature/limits (not-upgraded accounts will be downgraded automatically in the next few days).

The system normally informs regarding the necessity for the upgrade.

Once the account is not upgraded, it is paused automatically so that the user can decide on which monitor to remove.

Once there are 50 monitors, it is re-activated automatically.

P.S. Sorry if this puts an effort on your side. But, the Plan (after trying various other methods) looked to be the best method to guarantee the future of the service.

Hi there!
I’ve been using Uptime Robot since last year, you have a very good product. Keep on doing the best to keep the service on the top.
Thanks a lot for your support.

Smarthaus SRL
General Manager

Thank you so much for providing us this amazing service for an affordable price. As an iOS user and developer, I always missed a good well-designed mobile app. Do you have any plans or should we build something using the API? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

Awesome :).

Yes, we started working on mobile apps (prototyping stage) and plan to launch them within few months.

I use uptime robot into all my sites, is really a simple tool and one of the only that i really trust that i will receive the messages when my server goes down.

Please continue the good work guys ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d love to contribute to your awesome tool. I do have a question. I still need to rely on another service that sends out a handy monthly email report, which I need to archive, (example below with a snippet with one service report). Does the pro plan have such a feature?
Service: my service
Outages: 1
Downtime: 0 hrs, 30 mins
Uptime: 99.93%

Hi is this implemeted now? what is the name of the report?

Either in text or taking a screenshot on the mail dashboad and send it to a mail recipient each month.


We are using your service, guys. We like it.
We are still dependent on a competitor of yours, though, b/c they provide _official_ PDF reports (daily and monthly), as oppose as CSV. In other words, we have a requirement to provide an independent report of the uptime with some clients of ours.

When do you think you could add such feature?

Thanks so much for using it and very good to know that you like the service.

Such reports is in the to-do-list and we are planning to introduce them in the next weeks.

Hi. As many others did, I’d like to first thank you for UR, it has proved truly valuable.

Having said that, are there any plans to keep logs for more than one year? As part of my commitment to clients is assuring a minimum uptime, having at least two years of data would be really great to validate my service. For reference (and please excuse me for mentioning the competition), at another company they keep data for the life of the account.


PS: Just to add my two cents, with cellphones being connected 24/7, I think the SMS warnings could also work as an addon instead of a standard feature.

That is very motivating to hear that Uptime Robot helps.

We definitely want to offer a much longer log retention. 1 year was just a start and I believe that we’ll be able to increase it in the next months for all Pro Plans after having a better insight with the Pro Plan usage.

Btw, there is now a Pro SMS feature for providers who don’t support free email-to-SMS.

Thanks. It’s good to know longer log retention is on its way. I’ll register ASAP.

One more thing… Most commenters here used their full name. It would be a nice touch if you (or anyone answering from UR) did, too.

Hi, a nice addition would be a “negtive” check for ports. So they are marked as faulty as soon a the port specified is open.
Other than that: GOOD JOB! Keep it up!

as german customer you can only pay per paypal if you have a credit card added to paypal and thats the only reason why i will not order the pro version. It would be great if you can fix this.

PayPal restricts users to pay with the PayPal balance if the payment if from x to y country (x to y differs for every country).

Yet, please feel free to contact and we can help you complete the upgrade.

I love your service. I want to go pro. I use your service and another service as well. The only reason I use another service is because I can set repeated notification if a service remains down and I can set that interval. I was hoping that will be part of the pro offering. Any ideas how far along is that feature?

We are actively working on introducing this feature and I can say that “it is only few weeks (and not a month)” ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi. Your service is cool but sometimes I need to see response time more then 24h or for previous period of time (week, month). Will be nice to have this feature.

Thank you for offering the pro plan.

It would be great to offer a new type of monitor that is ‘push’ based. In other words we could setup a ‘push’ monitor with a specific time limit. This monitor would provide an unique url that our own custom services could call. If you don’t hear from us within the specified time limit an alert is sent.

This is great for recurring cron/integration tasks that happen every x minutes and that we want to know if they stop working.


It would be great if the pricing was based on frequency so you could have:

50 monitors @ 1 minute = $4.50
100 monitors @ 2 minutes = $4.50

I am looking at monitoring more than 50 hosts but i don’t need more than 5 minute intervals.

We hear you, yet, from a pricing and marketing perspective things get more complicated once more options are involved (some users may also need 1 min only for some monitors and 5min for others, etc.).

We tried to keep it simple and “as low priced as possible” with making 1-min the standard for any Pro Plan.

I just signed up and added a few monitors, and the service is pretty good. The one problem I’ve encountered is this: I see no way to modify a monitor, or even to view settings for that particular monitor.

Haven’t read all comments, apologies if this has already been suggest.
For SSL sites it would be great if you could check time until expiration of the certificate, and get alerts at customizable times (warning X days before, critical Y days before).

Especially with lets encrypt and other short lived certificates it is easy to overlook a malfunctioning renewal

You may be referring to web-hook alert contacts (once a monitor is down, Uptime Robot sends a request to a pre-defined URL with the alert details) and, yes, it exists.

Any update on multi-user? We would like to purchase monitors for client sites we support and sometimes those end-user sites would like to be able to login and see their monitors only, while our dashboard would see all 100+ monitors for our clients (MSP).

It’s the only thing holding us back from purchase…

Hey, can you add function for bulk action to:

– change user agent
– bulk import websites via csv (comma delimited, tab option etc) This is very important because you want to attract paid customers who manage 100-500+ websites. PBN networks builder need to mass monitor but adding 500 urls is tiring!
– change notification email (not that important but good to have)

Hello.. I am using the free version. Uptime Robot is alerting me ‘down’ when the site is just slow. So, I would like to change the wait time(timeout) before it is alerted. I don’t know what the current value is, but I would like to get down alerted only if it don’t get a response for 1 minute. Is there an option to do this in the free version?

It is currently 45 secs by default. We’ll be adding a customization, yet, 45 secs is planned to be the highest value that can be used.

Dear Uptime Robot team,

thanks for considering the user feedback into further releases!
My question is why I can’t cluster e.g. 50 pages into one Headline. If I am using 500 monitors it will be hard to scroll through all these to find one.
Will you add this in the future?

Thanks a lot!

Hi There,

I am using a free plan. And uptime robot says connection time-out but my website was never down. The Interval time is set to five minutes. It also says “It was down for 4 minutes and 49 seconds.” This is quite suspicious. please help.

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