Latest APIv2 Updates (CORS headers, etc.)

Dear UptimeRobot API users,

we have recently published several changes and updates to the APIv2. These changes might affect you, so please take a look at them.


  • Your read-only API key is now able to access all entities using the get* methods (previously not all entities were supported).
  • Response CORS headers are provided only for get* methods using monitor-specific or read-only API keys for security reasons.
  • You can also provide API key in a query string. This was added to maintain the backwards compatibility with APIv1 and to not break existing 3rd party applications, however we strongly discourage using this approach, as per the security implications, and recommend using the request's body for authentication.

That’s all, we’ll be happy to answer your questions via our support or in the comments below.

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Written by Kristian Kusenda

Marketing and Content Specialist | LinkedIn

Kristian brings a blend of technical expertise and creative flair to his role as Marketing and Content Specialist at UptimeRobot. He has a background working for global tech companies and several years of experience in the blockchain industry as a community manager and copywriter.

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