New Feature – Exporting Logs

Uptime Robot keeps the event logs (back to 2 months) for the monitors and this information can be viewed through the web interface.

However, users may prefer to download them to work on this data (comparing with HTTP logs, sharing with colleagues, etc.).

Simply, it is now possible to export logs in CSV format through the “export icon” besides the “overall logs table” and “monitor-based logs tables”.

This is just a tiny-yet-useful feature addition and many more to come.

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Nice addition. Thanks! Here’s a suggestion I think would make it even more useful: Make the date/time field sortable: that is format to year-month-day hours-min-sec (instead of day-month-year …)

1.Is it possible to share the uptime report in the form PIE chart.
2.Can we schedule the report on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Currently, both are no. But we are working on advanced reporting features which will cover the delivery of reports.

Regarding the question above from 2014:

>> Can we schedule the report on daily/weekly/monthly basis

You had replied that you’re working on it. Is this possible now?


Great feature, thanks for implementing it.
However, it would be great if the logs containted the actual response datapoints that are used to plot graphs.

The current log is a GREAT top level log, but for pattern analysis (like time of day) the actual raw datapoints would be really nice.

Thanks for a great site.

I would have to agree!

the logs would be more useful if they actually contained all the data points. right now the log doesnt provide me with anything more useful than what im seeing on the dashboard. It would be great to see all the points to make our own graphs, etc.

i guess its a good start.

Echoing Jay’s comment above, I’d love to be able to download a .csv file of the “recent” response time data. In fact, I’d even pay (even) more to have a week or month’s worth of data at a time.

But while you’re working on that, I realize that I can get the response time data, with timestamp, from the API. How much response time data should I expect in the log? 24 hour’s worth? (Thus, 288 records for a 5-minute sampling interval, and 1440 records for a 1-minute sampling interval?

I have noted some of my monitors logs are missing, are logs saved/recorded when monitor has issues(down and up) only? One of my monitor has been up since i added it and looks like when i exports logs it’s not available on the logs.

Hi good folk

Would love to be able to

1) see reports for longer period than 2 month (e.g. 6 mnth / 1 yr

2) have reports emailed monthly

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