SMS & Voice call credit consumption change

Hi folks.

We have an important update for those of you who are using SMS or Voice call notifications.

You may have noticed that we haven’t touched the pricing or credit packages since introducing SMS and voice call alerts back in 2015.

It’s no mystery that SMS messaging and voice calls have different fees by country. Which is why after reviewing the costs for each country, we have decided to update our pricing structure to reflect these fees.

TLDR: We still don’t change the SMS package prices! What’s changing is we spend 2 credits in 32 countries and 5 credits in Russia for each SMS message received. Other countries stay at 1 credit per SMS. When it comes to voice calls, we spend 2 credits for each voice call made in any country.

The phone number confirmation SMS is also charged the same number of credit as defined below.

These changes will take effect on August 3, 2023.

Find a detailed list of countries below.

SMS Credit consumption per country

Country Credit consumption
Russia 5
Algeria 2
Azerbaijan 2
Bangladesh 2
Belarus 2
Belgium 2
Bulgaria 2
Cambodia 2
Cayman Islands 2
Curacao 2
Denmark 2
Egypt 2
Ethiopia 2
Finland 2
Germany 2
Indonesia 2
Israel 2
Japan 2
Jordan 2
Madagascar 2
Mauritius 2
Nepal 2
Netherlands 2
Netherlands Antilles 2
New Caledonia 2
New Zealand 2
Nigeria 2
Pakistan 2
Panama 2
Philippines 2
Sri Lanka 2
Trinidad and Tobago 2
Tunisia 2
All other countries 1

Voice call Credit consumption per country

Country Credit consumption
All countries 2

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